What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You – Could SAVE Your Life!

Posted: June 23, 2016

Your Doctor won’t tell you what you need to be eating to live a long and strong life. Do you know that when asked about nutrition, nearly every doctor interviewed says that they only had about two to four hours learning about nutrition and the entire course was basically teaching what medications to prescribe!

Think of those commercials on TV. You get the disease or disorder mentioned…with the medication next to “combat” the symptoms…then you see a happy person being active while the remainder of the add explains the deadly side effects that come with taking that medication….

How sad and scary is that?

Your Doctor knows about medicine. He is regularly approached by pharmaceutical reps trying to get his attention so that he can sell their medications…with perks.

Doctors get points for prescribing the latest and newest medications. They get paid vacations. They get bonus checks. They get free medicine to supply their patients with. Does that sound like they care about your well being?

Now I am not saying that all Doctors are in it for the bonus plans…however, let’s look at What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You…That Could Save Your Life!

1. That eating more organic vegetables and fruits will create a leaner stronger body.
Fruits and veggies that are sprayed with chemicals not only taste worse, the toxins they are sprayed with get into your system EVERY TIME YOU EAT THEM. Would you spray a pesticide into your mouth or into your child’s? You do every time you eat non organic.

2. Getting stronger with weights and bodyweight movements is imperative as you age.
If all you do is cardio, or walk…you are not strengthening your muscles. If you are over 30, you are in the state of decline and will get weaker and have less balance as you age, making it very possible that over 50, you will fall and have a debilitating injury.
Strength train for balance, to put on muscle and to look and feel alive and sexy!

3.  Consume only animal protein that is free from antibiotics, and hormones.
Conventional dairy, meat, chicken and pork is loaded with these medications that WILL challenge your natural hormonal system creating an imbalance. YOU EAT WHAT YOUR FOOD EATS.
What that means is that if you eat a burger that came from a cow that ate corn and bi-products that are injected and sprayed for the animal to get bigger, AND the animal gets hormone injections to get bigger (more money for bigger animals) they YOU eat the hormones and antibiotics too.
Get it? Gross right!

4. ┬áDehydration is one of the first diagnosis’ of every individual over 50 that goes to the hospital. I know since my husband is a Paramedic/Firefighter and sees this daily.
Water is needed for every system in your body from your brain power, to your energy levels to your elimination….DRINK UP!

The next time you think you have something wrong with your stomach, your head, your hormonal levels or your body…take a REAL look at what you put into your body, and if you have the right kind of activity levels to keep you living long and strong!

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