Why Men Lose Weight Faster than Women

Posted: April 26, 2021

Let’s face it ladies. Going on a diet with your man is a BAD idea! You may eat the same, and exercise the same, but he is bound to drop weight faster than you can even get on the scale. Why men lose weight faster than women is due to one important fact. They simply have faster metabolisms.

Dieting and cutting calories for years, makes your metabolism slower.

I used to do cardio for hours, cut meals, and count calories to only end up flabbier!
When I shifted my workouts, and my diet program, my body changed SUPER FAST.

You won’t believe what I look like now at 60, compared to what I looked like when I was miserable and young!

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It’s exhausting to keep trying diets and to not see results. Getting older does not have to be the reason you are flabbier and feel that you should give up!

Women over 40 are the person that I created this program for. This program is for the woman that is too busy to go to the gym, and cannot afford a personal trainer.

After coaching women in the gym I own for 20+ years, I decided to help those that didn’t have access to me.

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Forget hours of cardio. Stop the dieting madness and start eating real food. The minute you start doing this with my program, you’ll see why men lose weight faster than women, and how you’ll never make those old mistakes again!

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