Why Women Need Strength Training

Posted: October 8, 2021

The same myths have been around since I first started lifting weights 26 years ago. Women still have this idea in their heads that they will end up “bigger” and looking like men if they strength train. Once and for all, we won’t. We simply do not have the amount of testosterone in our systems that men do. Most importantly, women start out with less muscle and that is exactly why women need strength training.

Even if we try hard, it is very difficult for women to put on a lot of muscle. The women that you have seen in ads, on TV, and on the Internet are not what you will look like if you lift weights.

Some women in the ads you’ve seen, and some sports personalities have taken steroids, some have spent hundreds on enhancing supplements, and trained for hours daily with extremely heavy weights. They are also eating about 300 grams of protein daily, and are eating to get as big as possible.

Women lose about 3-8% of their muscle mass per decade after 30. By 50, it doubles. In my 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret, you can do simple movement patterns at home that will reduce your muscle loss, and firm up flabby tissue.

Obviously, some people are genetically more prone to building muscle a little more easily than others. If you are lucky enough to be one of those women, lucky for you!

I would use that to your advantage. Ladies, here is one thing that I have to address. I have known a few very large women in my life that have said this sentence. “I tried weights one time and got really big really quick, so I stopped”. I have a personal friend that said to me one week after lifting weights after the first time “I’m not going to lift weights, I can already feel my body getting bigger”.

That is so sad to me. What those women are confusing with “bigger” is for the first time feeling something on their body that isn’t soft. It is something foreign to them since they are used to a flabby layer, and have never felt anything “tight and firm,” let alone strong, and sexy

This “bigger” feeling is probably the first time that they are aware of what muscle feels like. It feels firm, and feels tight. Muscles feel dense. It’s what every curvy, and perky rear end and every flat and slim waistline is made of. 

This is a good thing.

Another myth I have heard. “Once I stop working out, I don’t want my muscles to turn to fat, so I’m not going to start with weights”.

Muscle and fat are two totally separate tissues. One does not turn into the other. You either build muscle, burn fat, or if you are following a nutrient-dense eating plan, both. Furthermore, why would you stop something that is so beneficial to aging?

Another reason why women need strength training is that this type of workout can even be done by anyone, at any age! As long as you don’t have any serious heart problems, you can get your heart rate raised and lowered in a controlled method while lifting weights. Benefits galore!

This is a great protective method to strengthen the heart and keep it strong as we age. Forget worrying about one of the biggest killers of women, which is heart disease. Protect and strengthen your heart with intense weight training because it is a muscle too!

We can take control of our health, our future and prevent disease when we commit to getting stronger, and getting rid of excess pounds that surround our organs. 

Belly fat is the dangerous type of fat that you see on most women nearing 40.

My program is not a quick fix, and, this is not a diet with a name on it or a pill that makes it work quicker. This is a program where you are in charge of your aging, and coached by me! An expert that has coached women only for 25+ years. This is believing in your body and its ability to get stronger.

You will feel empowered that you are taking this on. With this program below, you are not following some new fad, you are making an investment in your future. 

This investment has bonuses. Weight loss from fat, tighter and firmer muscles, stronger bones, increased flexibility, decreased chance of injury, faster fat loss, and better posture. What cardio exercise gives you that?

Stop making yourself feel like a failure with fad diets that cause your body to store fat. Use the method that women who know how to be fit, energized, and strong use…the 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret!

Take control of your health and your body by starting this plan today. Follow the tips in this program, and watch and feel how quickly your body adapts to what is its perfect state. 

The only thing you have to lose is fat.

The only thing you have to gain is a future of strength and vitality!

Your sedentary life is to blame for your trouble spots. And, your lack of muscle is why you are not firm and have excess weight on your body.

Click here to firm up, boost your metabolism, and slow the aging process for good with my at-home program for ladies only;)

Coach Dawn

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