Why You Will Get Fatter if You Lose Weight

Posted: September 14, 2016

One of the most sought after goals of women over 40, is to lose weight. From diets, to cardio, quick fix cleanses and diet pills…most women after 40, want to lose weight. This article discuses why you will get fatter if you lose weight.

Unfortunately, if you lose weight the wrong way, you will have a slower metabolic rate AND gain fat. So, I urge you to plan on losing fat instead of making the number on the scale smaller. Most women that lose weight lose water first, then muscle and if they are lucky, a little bit of fat. What they have created now is a slower metabolic rate, with a lower BMR. What does a lower BMR mean? It means that your body burns calories at a slower rate.

There are two ways to raise your metabolic rate.

  1. Exercise to burn calories.
  2. Put on lean muscle tissue so that your resting metabolic rate is higher.

The problem with weight loss is muscle loss. The body looks more aged, looks more frail, is weaker and has once again, a slower metabolism. So, that is exactly why you will get fatter if you lose weight.

The number one fear is aging. Unfortunately almost every disease and condition is preventable if you keep your body nourished and are in an active strength training program. Cardio alone is not enough and can actually damage your joints, place excess wear on your heart and has been shown to accelerate aging!

What we don’t want is the wasting away of muscle tissue due to either too low of calories, or too much cardio. I am a huge advocate of women getting stronger as we age. With an even slight raise in muscle, you will have a metabolic rate that is like a furnace..burning calories EVEN WHILE AT REST!

Bodyweight exercises and even using a single set of dumbbells in short burst exercise is the best way to look younger, feel stronger and not fear aging!

In my program 7 Minute Ageless Body Secrets, I have follow along workout videos that can be done at home with little to no equipment.

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Your friend and coach,

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