WILLPOWER?…..Forget it! Arm Yourself with Changes that will Last!

Posted: November 30, 2011

Telling yourself on a daily basis that you don’t have willpower is negative. A healthy diet is not about what you cannot have, it is about what you need to sustain vitality, energy, and health. Disease free, and strong, while dropping pounds of fat, and looking forward to the years ahead. Life is not about a “diet”. It should be about feeling great about yourself, your health, and how you will spend the rest of your life.

If you replaced one bad habit a week, with a good one, you would empower yourself to keep doing the same. As we all know, habits are hard to break, and they also don’t start overnight. You don’t all of a sudden like sweets. You shift your body, little by little, into craving them. You do the same with simple carbs, diet soda’s, alcohol, and smoking. You create an addiction. What if I told you, that you could do the same thing, with healthy habits. If you replaced your 2 diet cokes, with 2 glasses of water a day…..that would be a great start. If you added a vegetable, in place of a simple carb, ( a salad, or vegetable soup) in place of fries, or an appetizer….that could mean many less calories, and feeling full sooner. Instead of watching your favorite show….or two, THIS IS THE BIGGIE…….move your body! Buy a workout DVD, get on a treadmill, do a bodyweight workout, or GO TO THE GYM…..you can always watch tv….or dvr it……you cannot always burn off the calories you ate during the day.

Stop dieting. Stop gaining, and losing, gaining and losing……..change your eating habits. Little by little, if you start making small changes, you will eventually see big results. Not overnight, but soon. The best part about it is, when you start to eat for health, and energy…..YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT. It is inevitable, and a part of how the body works, you do not need to understand the science. Eat vegetables and fruit, fill your body with nutrients. Eat protein, and fiber, stay full, and drop pounds. Drink water, and lots of it….magnify the benefits of all. BUT…..work out and burn calories, either by strength training, cardiovascular workouts, or both……and you will turn your body into the health machine it was meant to be.

Take control of your health…..little by little. Then reap amazing rewards.

The only thing you have to lose is a few pants sizes, and a few Dr. bills!

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