Women and Strength Training…..Why We Need It!

Posted: May 7, 2012

Women need strength training. Why? For starters, if you don’t strengthen your body as it ages……well, it will not age gracefully. It will get weaker, fatter, and be more prone to osteoporosis, and injury. That is only for starters. The body naturally will stay strong, and get stronger if it consistently has to make adaptations to what you challenge it with. However, if you sit at a desk, or don’t work, or are already overweight, then you are setting yourself up for an unhealthy future. Now is the time to really pay attention. Are you within your normal weight? We are a fatter, unhealthier, and more disease ridden than ever. The saddest thing to me is that most of it is completely preventable. I often am baffled as to how people are in such denial about their choices when it comes to health. Do you really want to be so overweight that your knees, and feet, and back constantly ache due to the extra weight you are carrying. Are you at a place where it will only take a couple of weeks, and some good hard working out to get back to your “normal” weight, or are we talking over 20-30 pounds. You are placing a horrible stress on your organs, your spine, your heart, and your moods, by NOT choosing health. If you have children……do you want them to visit you in the nursing home? Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, and a host of other diseases that plague the people in nursing homes is on the rise. Cardiologists are now even saying that almost all of these disesases are completely preventable, even if you have a family history of them. Studies have shown that a nutrient rich diet, and regular exercise in the form of strength training is what will free our bodies and future from those possibilities.

Change your diet. Eat fresh produce, and lean meats, poultry and fish. Stay away from sugar, and processed foods. Look on charts, or read this site for low glycemic options that keep your blood sugar stable.

LIFT WEIGHTS, AND STRENGTHEN YOUR MUSCLES.  If you have muscle, your metabolism will be faster. If you have muscle, you will have a good shape. If you have muscles, you will have a better sense of balance, and most likely not injure yourself if you were to fall. If you have muscle you will have the strength to carry groceries, lawn bags, furniture, and things that you did when you were younger, with no fear of getting hurt, or throwing out your back. As we age, injuries also take much longer to heal, so why not start now, PREVENT injuries. PREVENT osteoporosis. PREVENT a future of medical care, medicine for pain, and having someone else have to do things for you, or even worse, take care of you. Would you ask a loved one for that on purpose? If you are not at a healthy weight, and not strong muscularly, then change. No one else will do this for you. Do it with your spouse, your kids, your friends. Just take a look in the mirror, in your medicine cabinet, at your clothes, and at your energy levels, and ask…..Can I be healthier?
I’m sure we can all say yes. So say yes to your health, and get your life where it needs to be now,
so that you can enjoy tomorrow!!

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