Women Over 30 Need Muscle

Posted: January 12, 2020

After 30, your body starts to change. This is why Women Over 30 Need Muscle. I’ll show you how to prevent fat storage and get lean and strong!

Most women over 30 start exercising with cardio only exercise. (check out my story here when I was fat and did TONS of cardio!) They think this type of exercise burns calories so they’ll lose weight.

Too much cardio actually depletes muscle tissue. Muscle tissue is the only metabolically active tissue.

When you have more muscle on your frame, your resting metabolic rate is faster. Cardio exercise does not do this.

Let me explain why Women Over 30 NEED Muscle.

If you do an hour of cardio (boring!) you stop burning calories when you are done.
Now, on the other hand. If you do even 20 minutes of a routine that involves strength and cardio…your body creates what is known as “the afterburn.”

I created a workout program that is for those that feel that hormones have taken over. My program is created for those that love a high heart rate, but want to be toned and firm.


Dieting and counting calories are boring and spare muscle. Aging already forces you to lose muscle UNLESS you start adding it.

You don’t have to be a beast with weight lifting. However, you DO want to be balanced and strong.

Lean and sexy, firm and tight bellies, backs and buns are made in the gym.

Abs that show definition are made in the kitchen. That comes from what you eat…or don’t eat.

If you are ready to shift your body from fat storing to fat burning CLICK HERE!

Take care of you, before you don’t feel, move or look good.

Women over 30 NEED muscle and I’m going to help shift your body fast.

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