Women over 35…STILL Struggling with Weight Loss?

Posted: October 11, 2015

Ladies over 35, STOP struggling with weight loss. When you think that you have tried all of the fads, trends and exercise routines and are simply ready to give up, DO NOT!

I am going to be 56 years YOUTHFUL in the next couple of weeks, and I have maintained my weight for the last 25 years after being overweight and miserable for many years. I was asked by my sons new friend in his dorm if I was 37 or 38 last week!!!

Before I knew the right way to exercise (not what you are doing) and the right way to eat (not what I did)…I dieted. I did tons of cardio. I ate less and less, but gained more and more…only to feel horrible about myself and want to hide from getting my picture taken. 

Sound familiar?  Luckily I met someone that shared with me the secrets that I share with girls in my gym every day. They are getting results and dropping pounds and inches while getting stronger, sexier and more confident as they age…Not a single one of them does what they used to do to lose weight, and now ALL of them are feeling and looking amazing!

Discover how to burn stubborn fat, while eating REAL foods and feeling more energized and youthful than you have in years…not to mention, even feeling good about going shopping for new clothes!

To access your sexy youthful body, (and take a peek at my before pictures that I saved only a few of)…CLICK HERE!
Your friend and coach,

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