Women Over 40 are Missing this Nutrient

Posted: March 11, 2019

Most women are so consumed with dieting and food omission. What they seem to ignore is that nearly all women over 40 are missing this nutrient.

What is the nutrient that is lacking and responsible for a deteriorating physique? Protein.

As we age, we lose precious muscle tissue. If we are cutting calories and following trendy diets, we are most likely missing nutrients. Protein is what will not only keep our metabolisms up, but keep us full.

Most protein powders are full of fillers, fake sugars and are hard to digest. Believe me when I say that most of them DO taste like chalk and have a horrible texture. My protein powder of choice is BioTrusts Vanilla Protein Powder.

Many women cut out too many calories then binge, or obsess about what they are not allowed to eat. This creates a negative mindset and a poor relationship with food. Cutting protein is a horrible idea if you are a woman over 40.

I have coached women into shifting the way they think, so that food is not the enemy. By paying attention to actually adding in foods, instead of taking them away…we begin to restore the balance to hormones and metabolisms.

Protein is a critical key in building lean muscle tissue. Muscle is the only metabolically active tissue in the body. Therefore, the more you lean muscle tissue you have, not only will you look younger and firmer…you’ll naturally have a faster metabolism.

All protein is not created equal. Some of it is high in fat. Some of it is hard to digest. That’s why I rely on BioTrust’s Protein Powder.

BioTrust is free from fillers. Is low carb! Is loaded with what you need to preserve muscle tissue that wastes away as we age…and is FREE when you only pay shipping on this limited time offer. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THIS!

Stop cutting out food groups that you need to sustain your energy levels and start taking in what your body needs to live long and strong. A flat belly and a slim physique starts with protein.

I consult women that I coach in our gym, about nutrition. The first and only thing I have them do in the first week, is to add protein from a great source. Not many people get what they need. And, if they get it, it’s from poor sources that put on the pounds. Next we ditch scales and strive for eating for energy instead of weight loss. You can read more about that here.

Of course we need to exercise. Of course we need a variety of vegetables, healthy fats and fiber. But without a clean and good source of protein, we will deteriorate and our muscles will waste as we age.

If you want to take your physique to the next level and ward off age related muscle wasting. Take in the missing nutrient that women over 40 need. Protein.

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Coach Dawn

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