Women’s Weight Loss Secrets Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Posted: August 27, 2016

Does your doctor tell you how to lose weight? Of course not. All your doctor does is measure, weigh, take blood, and listen to your complaints. Are you aware that doctors only have approximately a few hours of nutrition in medical school and nearly zero time spent on exercise science? So, if your doctor tells you that your cholesterol is high, or your BMI, your BMR, or anything that confuses you with letters and numbers…I am here to give you great news. Read on for women’s weight loss secrets your doctor won’t tell you, and be free from health related issues, getting weaker, fatter or more hormonal as you age…and get ready for the new, youthful, more energized YOU!

Now, we all know that women’s weight loss is completely different than a mans. Exactly why I tell the women that I coach to never go on a diet with a man. Never compare your muscle mass, strength, or how fast you can lose a few pounds to what your man can!

In fact, I like to have women in my gym abolish the words “weight loss”. Why? Because weight loss means muscle loss, water loss and maybe a tiny bit of fat loss. Now, on the other hand, fat loss…is what we want. AND, we only want it if with it, we are adding a bit of lean muscle tissue from a plan of functional strength exercises.

If we lose weight and don’t add muscle, we will have a slower metabolic rate. Exactly the opposite of what us gals want as we battle the hormones that try to take over as we age.

I was overweight for years. My doctor told me to eat less, and exercise more. So, I did.

I was exhausted. Lost weight on the scale, but blew up and was bloated from diet foods, low fat foods, and processed foods that claimed to be healthy!

When I finally took control after years of research, getting certified in nutrition and fitness training, and read every book I could get my hands on that had to do with women’s weight loss, fat loss, and aging…I figured it out.

Then I started coaching thousands of women into lifestyles of fit and energized, lean and sexy, curvy but tight, bodies that are full of confidence, and low on body fat!

For my detailed story and a plan to change how you look at diet and exercise forever….CLICK HERE!

Imagine eating foods you love, never counting a calorie, doing cardio, or working out for hours again as you melt off pounds and raise your metabolism…and never gain it back again!

Your friend in fitness,

Coach Dawn

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