Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Women spend many years of their lives, trying to lose weight. Most of them try cutting calories, or doing some form of aerobic exercise. And then, the majority of them state “proudly” the name of the diet they are following. As a gym owner and female fat-loss coach, I’m going to tell you that the … Continued


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Tips on how to overcome mental obstacles that prevent you from reaching your optimal health and wellness goals.
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With all of the information out there I understand how overwhelming it can be to know which is the best approach to follow when it comes to nutrition, exercise, mindset and anti-aging. I not only have access to some of the most cutting edge scholastic and medical information but I also know some of the leaders in the industry as personal friends, business colleagues, doctors, healers, trainers and life coaches in all of the above mentioned fields. It is my passion to share their knowledge with my family, friends and YOU, my reader so that we can live long and strong lives full of vitality together.

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About Dawn Sylvester

Hello, I am Dawn Sylvester. As a woman of 50+ , I was not always as energized and fit as I am now. Being a former “cardio junkie” with a thyroid disorder, I weighed more in my late 20’s than I do now. With 25 years in the field coaching women only, I have found the secret to staying fit and vital while eating more and exercising less. I now co-own Michigan Kettlebells Strength & Training Center with my husband in Troy Michigan, and am certified in Fitness Training and Sports Nutrition. I have competed in the Figure Division of Bodybuilding three weeks before my 50th Birthday and took away 2 trophies, proving that women can take control of their bodies no matter what their age.

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