Overcoming Exhaustion and Fatigue

Posted: August 4, 2020

There is a plague worse than Covid going around. It’s showing in how tired and “stuck” we are feeling. Overcoming Exhaustion and Fatigue seems impossible these days. Luckily for you, there is a FREE 9 PART DOCUSERIES that you can watch at home to reboot your body from the inside out! This FREE series will … Continued

How to Flatten Your Belly

Posted: August 2, 2020

Following a named diet has become a “badge” of honor when talking about eating habits. But how many of those make you feel great? If you want to know how to flatten your belly, and feel great about your body, enter your email above for my FREE REPORT. I will give you access to a … Continued

Menopause Weight Gain

Posted: August 1, 2020

I have “hypothyroidism” but you’d really never know it unless you heard my story from my past. Menopause Weight Gain makes women feel horrible. So does low thyroid function. After being at a weekend retreat with several people in the wellness world, from Naturopaths to MDs, to Dietitians and Hormone specialists…I came up with a … Continued

Cocoa That’s Healthier than Kale

Posted: July 31, 2020

What if I told you that you could lose weight by eating chocolate? You’d want to know how right? CLICK HERE FOR MY SECRET! Chocolate has been around for years. When we eat a “named chocolate bar” we feel guilty. Guilt is basically that inner voice telling us that we shouldn’t be doing something, right? … Continued

Menopause and Hormone Relief

Posted: July 31, 2020

Years ago when I met the wellness team that asked me to work with them…they asked me to create an offer for women to help them go through Menopause as I did. Menopause and hormone relief is a sought after issue. Since I was super energized, already 55, worked with women and very “informed” about hormones…they called … Continued

Benefits of Olive Oil

Posted: July 29, 2020

The health benefits of dietary fat are still controversial among nutrition experts. But there is one type of fat that everyone can agree is good for you. Read below the benefits of olive oil for optimal health. If you’re looking for the holy grail of fats, olive oil has some of the best, most rigorous science-backed … Continued

Olive Oil Reduces Inflammation

Posted: July 26, 2020

Inflammation is what causes our bodies to break down and get sick. If our brain, hearts, lungs, skin and muscles “act” older…it’s usually due to an inflammatory response. Luckily, Olive oil reduces inflammation. Something I have recently found out is that Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is found in the stores, is rarely tasty, or … Continued

Toxic Mold in Your Laundry?

Posted: July 21, 2020

There is a dirty little secret hiding in your laundry machine. I’ll be that you never had any idea that you could have toxic mold in your laundry…did you? Actually, it’s the perfect breeding ground for toxic mold & bacteria. Have you ever washed your clothes and they still seem to have a smell? Sometimes … Continued

Nerve Pain and Neuropathy

Posted: July 21, 2020

Nerve Pain and Neuropathy, is a type of inflammation. Inflammation of the nerves is some of the most debilitating pain you can feel. Unfortunately, most medications have horrible side effects, or simply don’t work. Our Standard American Diets are loaded with foods that our bodies don’t recognize. We are loaded with toxins that cause chronic … Continued

Un-Diet for Permanent Weight Loss

Posted: July 19, 2020

If you’re frustrated with your weight and want to lose a little more, you’lll be excited to read about this. The Un-diet for Permanent Weight Loss is nothing like you’ve ever tried. I’ve been a weight loss expert for years and STILL never follow a named diet. My clients get results, and feel naturally detoxified … Continued

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