Posted: January 26, 2013

Wellness is what I see in my future, not sickness. Which place do you see yourself in? I was at a dinner engagement last night with a group of people that subscribe to the world of wellness. Meaning, taking care of oneself, and planning to be stronger, not sicker in the future. I have chosen to learn and apply all that I can to my physical body, my brain, and my spirit, and share it with others. I want to make a difference in other people’s lives. I want to spread the word to everyone that we really do have control of our health destination.  I want to spend time researching the best ways to achieve strength. The easiest ways to have access to supplements and which ones to use. The smartest choices to eat, and which things to stay away from. How to get stronger as we age, without injuries, and how to recover from an injury. We all have strength in different areas, we just need to tap into those. Choose to take control of your life. Choose wellness.

I want to detoxify my body, but not be obsessed with what I eat. I feel that if you spend too much time planning every meal, and liquid, you cannot be spontaneous, and relaxed. I want to nourish my body with healthy meals on a regular basis, but want to be able to enjoy a night out, or a dinner at friends that maybe don’t eat exactly like me. I think the biggest problem with a “named” diet, is that you wake up in the morning and obsess about what you can’t eat! You worry about where you will eat, if you can eat something, and who you can hang around with, since you follow such a strict regimen. Not for me. I want to be healthy and strong, and most of all, disease free. Not obsessive. That would be too stressful. If you take a plant for example and forget to water it, what happens? It shrivels up and starts to die. If you water it, it perks up, if you feed it, it grows strong and lush. Now, take that same plant and pour oil into it…it will die. It will die because you have fed it something that it cannot digest, it is toxic to it’s system, so it dies. Getting my point?The issue with most people and their relationship with food is not for health at all. It seems to be mostly a negative relationship. A relationship that causes anxiety, depression, anger, and sickness. Why let something so pleasurable have a negative control over you? Create a sense of control in your life. Start today by making a few choices that are geared towards a healthy body. Nothing drastic for now, just something small. See how great it feels to know that you have chosen what your body craves. Learn how to love what the right kind of food can do for you.

Wellness is the true meaning of my relationship with food. I eat certain foods because they give me energy. Which makes me feel good. I eat a variety of foods that taste and look amazing! I eat certain foods because they have properties that I know my body needs to thrive on in the manner in which I live. Vital, and strong. Maybe that’s why I like so many different foods. Foods that are colorful, foods that are spicy, foods that have many options. Hopefully, just like me. Food can make you calm, or excited. It can make you feel tired, or sometimes too much of it can make you sick. That is not the foods fault! It is your own relationship with food, and how it can control you. Subscribe to wellness. It is the plan that will keep you getting better. It is how to age with strength and vitality. It is to not worry about medications, but to plan healthy meals. It is not about being afraid to try activities, it is about making your body stronger to be able to be physical. Wellness, or illness? This is a choice to make now. Do something that you will feel happy about as far as your health is concerned. Go for a walk. Take a yoga class. Subscribe to a magazine about healthy cooking, or natural living. The choice really is up to you. Make the right one today. Tomorrow will thank you!

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