Posted: January 6, 2013

Hello “Determined to Be Healthy and Strong”,

You must have come to this post because you are finally ready to commit to fitness, strength training, and fat loss, once and for all. You are tired of the dieting rollercoaster, tired of looking for the quick fix, and ready to do what it takes. There is so much information out there that it can get overwhelming. I completely understand your frustration! I have been in this industry for over 20 years, and I sometimes feel the same. There is one thing for sure. I love to do the legwork. I love to read through all the B.S. and find out the studies that have been proven to be true. NOT by a company selling a product, but  hard, science based studies. Proof of how the body works, how we can be our fittest, how we can lose unsightly body fat, and how we can get strong. Not overnight, not with some magic pill or shot, but with perseverance, and dedication. With the most up to date studies that are useful in every day life! I have spent hours, weeks, and now years, researching some of the most influential exercise scientists, and nutrition based studies that are out there. I want to share this knowledge with you.

I want you to know how to get stronger. I want to motivate you through the tough times, and boost you with inspiration through the better times. I want to give you information on fitness, and how to achieve it. Strength training and how to start it. Fat loss without extreme fads, or diets, and the reasons that you should keep up with a lifestyle like this.

Make this year the year you commit to being the healthiest ever. Put away old habits, and excuses. Make your health your number one priority. See how amazing you can feel, and how fit you can look. This is the first month of the year. Make every day count towards your commitment to living a vital, energized, strong life, starting NOW!

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