Thyroid, Menopause, and Belly Fat

Posted: August 18, 2020

As women, we learn that hormones will try to take us over for most of our lives. We hear this from friends, our mothers and society. That we will battle our bodies as we age.  Thyroid, menopause, and belly fat. do not have to ruin your life! I’m now a woman over 55, and a … Continued

3 Secrets to Fat Loss over 35!

Posted: March 3, 2020

Losing weight seems to be a “secret” when you can’t seem to do it, but others can. I’m going to let you in on 3 Secrets to Fat Loss over 35! Unfortunately, most weight loss comes from fad diets, and the weight loss is water and muscle. When you think you are doing well by … Continued

Hormonal Weight Gain

Posted: January 18, 2020

Hormones can add weight when you seem to be doing everything right. You exercise, you diet, you pay attention to calories…..BUT. Hormonal weight gain is different. What if all of those things are the exact things holding you back from your best body? Those extreme diets and trends are NOT for someone over 40. Infact, … Continued

Lose Weight and Restore Energy

Posted: January 16, 2020

Feeling bloated, tired and sluggish? Those holiday extra pounds still sitting in (and on) your belly? It’s time to lose weight and restore energy with my simple plan. I’m not talking about a calorie counting or an extreme food elimination plan. Food is not your enemy. And, that little wrist gadget that counts your steps … Continued

Women, Hormones and Weight Loss

Posted: January 14, 2020

If you were born before 1980…and are female, keep reading. My expertise is Women, hormones and weight loss. Just when you think you’ve tried every diet that eliminates your favorite foods. When you feel you’ve done so much cardio you can’t belive you’ve put on another pound. And, when you think you’ve given up, and … Continued

Losing Weight After Menopause

Posted: November 27, 2019

Losing weight after menopause seems like a daunting and frustrating task. Here is my interview with Dr. Dan Ritchie of the Functional Aging Institue. We discuss women and aging…and losing weight after menopause. Vanishing sexiness is one of the topics, in addition to the topic of feeling out of control, and hormonal imbalances. Losing weight … Continued

Female Fat Loss Tips Download

Posted: November 25, 2019

Why get your exercise and nutrition information from a young man? Wouldn’t you rather get your female fat loss tips from someone that literally has walked in your shoes? I’m that woman. And, I have been in the female fat loss space for 20+ years as a professional coach. As a gym owner, with a … Continued

Prevent disease and extend life!

Posted: November 23, 2019

Hello friends in fitness! Want to prevent disease and extend life? Of course you do! Noone wants to live a life of weakness and medicines. And, I’ll bet that the thought of a nursing home makes you cringe. Me too! I am an avid reader and subscribe to some pretty lucrative medical journals and sites. … Continued

Burn Fat in 30 Minutes at Home!

Posted: November 19, 2019

Want to burn fat in 30 Minutes at Home? Of course you do! Readers always ask me, “Dawn”, if you were 5 to 25 pounds overweight and out of shape after a season of overindulgence, what would you do?” I’d use my program to burn fat in 30 minutes with workouts I do at home! … Continued

Body Sculpting with Home Workouts

Posted: November 18, 2019

Body sculpting with home workouts is possible IF you know how what exercises to do. Ladies. If you are doing more cardio and eating less to get lean, and chiseled then stay off of the treadmill.  Forget cardio classes that have your heart rate up, but don’t use any muscles. Is your only workout a … Continued

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