3 Secrets to Fat Loss over 35!

Posted: March 3, 2020

Losing weight seems to be a “secret” when you can’t seem to do it, but others can. I’m going to let you in on 3 Secrets to Fat Loss over 35!

Unfortunately, most weight loss comes from fad diets, and the weight loss is water and muscle.

When you think you are doing well by looking at the number on the scale…you are not. After a week of starving, “being good”, and maybe doing just cardio…you have set your hormonal balance off track.

Your hormones are to blame, and you’re actually making them act against you!

By skipping meals, and running your butt off…you will most likely gain the weight right back. 

Why? Because you have stalled your metabolic rate and set your hormones up for fat storage.

And even worse, every time you try a new trend, you make it that much easier to gain MORE weight when you quit the diet.

Sorry girls. That’s how the body works.

I have been in the nutrition and fat loss business for 20 + years. After coaching only women, it’s become apparent why we feel so badly when our bodies start to change.

Coaching women into lifestyles of weight loss and taking back control over their hormones, habits, bodies and happiness is my program.

This method isn’t about starving at all, or cutting out entire food groups. It’s about discovering the 3 Secrets to Fat Loss over 35 by shifting how your metabolism works.

In fact, women e-mail when on this plan and say they can’t understand how they are eating all of the foods I recommend and are losing weight!

Want to get your energy levels back (and your sexy body) and to discover the 3 “Hot Zone Hormone Secrets?”

Imagine a slim and lean, strong and sexy body when you hit 40! 

I’m well over 50, and still wear a red bikini and you can too!

Sharing ways for us to live energized lives of happiness while loving the body we live in!


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