Hormonal Weight Gain

Posted: January 18, 2020

Hormones can add weight when you seem to be doing everything right. You exercise, you diet, you pay attention to calories…..BUT. Hormonal weight gain is different.

What if all of those things are the exact things holding you back from your best body?

Those extreme diets and trends are NOT for someone over 40.
Infact, eliminating entire food groups can cause fatigue.

Certainly your body changes, so doesn’t it make sense that your food intake, and exercise should too?

I have trained women for over 25 years and they are getting sexier and stronger EVERY year.

Shifting how you think about dieting and food has to happen first.
Then…your body follows and results are seen when you thought nothing would ever work!

If most of your friends are getting fatter, weaker and more miserable it isn’t their faults. 

They keep following the trends that are made up by younger people. (mainly men!)

Hormones can work for you, or against you.

There is a balance that gets disrupted, EVERY time you try a new diet.

Calorie cutting and too much cardio can be the worst thing you do!

It’s time to restore your energy and get rid of hormonal weight gain.

With thousands of women getting results, it’s time you are one of them.

Feel, look and move better than ever without the hormonal weight gain.
Restore energy. Reboot your zest for life and take your “sexy” back!

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Your Friend and coach,


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