Lose weight and keep it off

Posted: March 3, 2024

Most women have lost weight at some point in their lives. However, if whatever trendy diet they used worked, they’d never need a new one right? The point is not just to lose weight right? The goal is to lose weight and keep it off. I’m going to show you how.

As a fitness professional, nutrition coach, and gym owner…I have seen the mistakes women make. I used to follow the same “prescription” of eating less and exercising more. Not only did I store MORE fat, what I did was messed up my hormones, and my adrenals.

If you are over the age of 40, and female, then I am sure you know what I am speaking of. It sucks that we keep trying over and over, but end up feeling like failures.

Social media and TV have told you, that you need to be better. Your body IS capable of changing…you just need the right coach in your corner.

After 30+ years of coaching women to STOP dieting, and to STOP starving…I know what works.

The first idea is to shift your focus onto what your body is missing to be a fat-burning machine that never needs to count calories.

What you need is more fiber, and more muscle. Fiber shuttles out fat, and impurities creating a slimmer you. More muscle creates a faster metabolism that burns fat, instead of storing it.

When you add a meal plan that has superfoods, with super flavor, that are simple to cook – it’s easy to follow. Now, add in workouts that torch hundreds of calories while doing them – and add lean muscle?
Now you’ve created a body that is firm, toned, and a calorie-burning machine!

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, start HERE TODAY and be slimmer within the next 30 days!

The program I created years ago, will reboot your sluggish hormones, and kickstart that stalled metabolism. You’ll be able to follow the program at home, and I’ll be there coaching you- just like I do the girls in my gym.

Today is the day you are ready to change.

I’m here to coach you to be your firmest, leanest and never have to diet again,

Coach Dawn

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