Firm and tone with 7-minute routines

Posted: February 19, 2024

Who has time to drive to a gym, and workout for an hour? Let alone, do you even know what to do other than go on the treadmill? If you are over 40, then you probably feel flabby, and like you need to lose weight. I want to make your life easy, and share with you how to firm and tone with 7-minute routines.

First of all, I have coached women for 30+ years. I’m a gym owner, do nutrition consults, write a weekly newsletter, and never diet. Cardio alone is never a recommendation. I recommend things that give you what you want, simply, and effectively.

My goal was to coach women to stop cutting calories, and to stop doing only cardio. Both of those things deplete muscle tissue that keeps your body firm. That means that if you lose weight from cutting out meals, you lose the only thing responsible for toned muscles and a fast metabolism.

What I coach women to do – is to eat simple meals that are delicious and prevent fat storage. Plus, I created short workout sessions that you can do at home, to firm and tone your body fast.

Forget going to a gym or even hiring a trainer. If you are new to exercise, you’ll do the beginning phase of the workouts. Been working out for a while, or getting back to healthy goals? Then you’ll move on faster to the next phase as you feel your body get sculpted and leaner.

When you start your program to firm and tone with 7-minute routines, you’ll realize you don’t need to waste hours in the gym.

The program was created by me – a woman…for women who want to re-shape a body that feels like it’s aging too fast.

At 60+, I still wear a bikini, use my 21-day ageless energizing meal plan MOST of the time, and feel amazing. Not to mention, I am hypothyroid and energized.

Click here to firm up and tone, and get access to my 7-Minute Ageless Body Secret so you can feel great at every age!

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