Prevent disease and extend life!

Posted: November 23, 2019

Hello friends in fitness! Want to prevent disease and extend life? Of course you do!

Noone wants to live a life of weakness and medicines.

And, I’ll bet that the thought of a nursing home makes you cringe. Me too!

I am an avid reader and subscribe to some pretty lucrative medical journals and sites. Some days I read for hours. I love how the body works, but am even more fascinated by why it doesn’t.

I’ve read journals from teaching hospitals, to top universities, medical school literature, and all things related to aging.

You’ll be surprised when you read this. Today I was blown away by a headline in my e-mail in box.

Harvard Medical School actually sent out an e-mail stating that

Exercise can help prevent disease and extend your life.”

Yep. You read it right. “Prevent disease and extend life with exercise.”

As if this was some new finding like “the cure for cancer…” or that they discovered people living on another planet!

Seriously, I should have just copied the article and pasted it here, but it took up too many lines…and then I wouldn’t get to give you MY take on it.

I guess that next week or maybe even tomorrow they will send the e-mail stating this:

“Breaking News…A healthy diet of whole unprocessed foods will keep you energized”

I’m just waiting for that one!

I practically was holding my breath when the e-mail was loading waiting to see what this special announcement was going to be….I was SO excited.

Then I sat there staring at my laptop going REALLY??!!

So, forget the Harvard Medical School Journal, and take a peek at what will do these things for you in less than one month. Even better? It’s less than one single session with a personal trainer!

1. Energize your body
2. Lose fat and raise your metabolism.
3. Balance your hormones back to healthier levels, that are keeping the extra pounds on.
4. Lift, tighten, and firm your legs, buns, and abs, and lift your spirits.
5. Bring your sexy, youthful feelings back when you look in the mirror and say ”WOW, I look great!”

CLICK HERE NOW!  (and see how you can have access to the feelings described in numbers 1-5!)


p.s. Unless you love the way you look and have energy to spare, then don’t even take a single peek!

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