Best Anti-Aging Program for Women

Posted: February 5, 2024

As a health and wellness coach and a woman over 50, you can imagine I have been through all phases of diet and exercise. Remember the grapefruit or baby food diets? And, what about Crossfitting til you can’t move for days? Some things simply age you faster. If you are looking for the best anti-aging program for women, I am here to help.

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I’ve coached women to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise for 30 years. Extreme dieting, the wrong exercises, and feeling exhausted, happen when you follow old-school methods.

My methods are do-able and work, whether you are a newbie to health, or have been a fanatic for years. The best anti-aging program for women gives tools and tips to reduce inflammation, build stronger muscles, and to eat for energy.

Stop counting calories, omitting entire food groups, and running on a treadmill or concrete! All those things do is make you deplete muscle tissue.

A body that looks, moves, and feels younger, has a balance of activity, eats for energy, and has a positive mindset for starters.

The key is to keep it simple, and not follow trends. Never will you hear me follow a named diet. If I named myself anything, it would be a “diet hacker.” Some days I intermittently fast, all days,I eat adequate protein, and some days I cut starchy carbs.

One of the keys to slowing the aging process is to prevent muscle wasting. Muscle is responsible for a faster metabolism, and a firm body. It’s also the key to being more capable of doing activities required in daily life. If you are weak, you’ll most likely have poor posture and need help as you age.

Today is the day to start the path to a longer and stronger life.

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