Why what you weight doesn’t matter

Posted: December 19, 2023

Ever get on the scale and have your day ruined? Or, what about the day you get on and weigh yourself,  and that lower number makes you feel like a million bucks? What if I told you, what you weigh, doesn’t matter?

The problem with losing weight is that you could have lost muscle so you weigh less. However, that is not always healthy because you’ll be weaker and have a slower metabolism.

Or, if you’re up a few pounds, don’t stress if you’re exercising. It may mean you’ve gained some muscle because your new workout program is finally working – and that is a big WIN!

Our obsession with the scale is dangerous. 

The scale is an “ok” tool to use once in a while, or if you have over 50 pounds to lose.

Relying on that one tool for “a sense of accomplishment” is a bad idea.

Here’s why I am urging you to hide your scale for 30 days.

If you want a “tool” that lets you know how your health and diet are? Look in the mirror when you are naked, after a huge unhealthy meal.

Not so great eh? Makes you wanna tighten the diet tomorrow, and makes you want to have a flatter belly, right?

Better yet, keep a great-fitting pair of jeans around, and step into them if you feel you’ve overindulged.

Those stretch pants don’t count ladies 😉

That is a better gauge if you must have one…but read on to see why the scale is not your best friend. Because what you weight doesn’t matter. At least not like we think it does.

These tips and tools will tell you more about your health than a scale will.

Because a scale does not tell you:

If you are eating healthy, or whether you are sleeping well. (BTW, obesity is more prevalent in people with insomnia issues)

Whether you live on diet soda, or slurpees, or if you just cut out 3 meals,

Maybe in the worst-case scenario, you just lost 3 pounds of muscle.

The best outcome is that you just added 3 pounds of muscle ( YAY You!)

Scales do not tell you if your diet is 1000 calories of chicken breasts or 1000 calories of chips and dip.

Surely it doesn’t let us know if you obsess over every calorie, drink most of your calories, or ever eat a vegetable.

Maybe, you are so obsessed with the number, that you forget that the composition of your body, is what matters.

Sadly, if your relationship with food, is so unhealthy, that you weigh macros, and count how many calories you burn,…just so you don’t gain a pound.
Today, put your scale away and focus on your health, not your weight.

Focus on moving more, and adding in strength training. The key is to prevent muscle loss and to build new muscle tissue as we age.

Pay attention to what foods you are missing, such as more protein, and more fiber.

And for Pete’s sake. Drink a beer, or eat a cheeseburger every so often – so that you feel great eating healthy the other 80% of the time.

Create a healthy relationship with food, and activity, not one that is a slave to the scale and what you weigh.

More muscle means you’ll weigh more, and that is great if it is firm and healthy. This is because your shape will be firmer – and you’ll look leaner.

Now go hide that scale, and do something healthy for your lifelong wellness.

You’ll be happy you did, and you’ll most likely pay attention to how you feel, not just what you weigh.

Sharing tools for us to live long and strong, in bodies we love for life!


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