Anti-aging practices for women

Posted: February 18, 2024

No woman wants to look or feel older. Of course, we all want another birthday – but we don’t want to appear any that we are aging. Among women, anti-aging seems to become a common conversational topic. Anti-aging practices for women are on the rise, and there is no shortness of gimmicks that don’t work.

You may be looking for a slimmer body, more energy, or younger skin. Possibly, all of those and more. I am a woman over 50…, actually, over 60, and it’s hard to believe. As a health and wellness professional, I have spent 30+ years getting to know top people in the field. My library of information, and my connections to naturopaths, fitness and movement specialists, dieticians, and healthcare gurus, have kept me in the know.

For 15 years, I have written a newsletter for women, with tips, tools, and sources of how to feel better, move with ease, and to look great at any age. In the past, all women thought about was losing weight and getting skinnier. Thankfully, we are so much smarter than that now…right? And, we know that a strong body that eats a nutrient-dense diet, and stays active, is the key to turning back the clock.

Maybe you are ok with your age, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel it, let alone look it!

Here are 3 anti-aging practices for women to stay vital, to feel youthful, and to have a firm and capable body.

  • Eat a diet loaded with whole foods, and stay away from “dieting.” If you are getting in enough fiber, adequate protein, and healthy fats, you’ll stay slim naturally.
  • Know that you are capable of seeing changes in your health and energy levels. Don’t make your goals too big. Pick small daily habits that turn into a “lifestyle” such as drinking more water, or eating more veggies. Instead of focusing on what you are “not allowed to eat,” focus on what your body is missing.
  • Move your body so that it gets, and stays stronger. Do movement patterns that use all muscle groups. Make the sessions of exercise short so that you can stick to them daily. Do activities that boost blood flow, raise heart rate, and challenge you.

If you have not moved in a while, start with walking, and bodyweight movements. Don’t join a gym and go on a treadmill.

Whether you are new to working out, or used to move a lot more, what matters is that you move NOW.

Muscle loss is a huge factor in looking older, having poor posture, and looking weak. That’s why I created a follow-along video program for women over 40. My program is something that you can do at home in under 10 minutes daily.

This 7-Minute Ageless Body Secret will help you tone dormant and flabby muscles, and boost your metabolism. There is also an energizing meal plan of recipes that are simple and will boost your vitality within one week. The recipes are easy, and you’ll love the foods that will keep your belly flat, and your metabolism on fire!

Forget another diet that makes you miserable, and is too hard to stick to. After coaching women for 20 years, I came up with a plan that thousands have used with success.

It’s time to see the leaner, younger and more vital you revealed starting today.

Click here to start defying aging with a program you can have instant access to, and do at home in 7 minutes daily!

Here to help you feel, move and look great at EVERY age,

Coach Dawn

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