10 Foods to Eat Every Day for Optimal Health

Posted: June 10, 2013

Hello Healthy!

Here is a list of 10 foods that I believe you should eat every day. If you are anything like me, then you most likely try to eat a certain way, for health and energy. Maybe you follow a diet so that you can lose weight. Maybe you are training for an event, or trying to put on muscle. Hopefully, since you are reading this, you are not just a mindless eating machine, that eats everything that is convenient, without a thought of what it does to your body.

My biggest reason to chose a certain food is purely for sound nutrition. I also choose a meal depending on what I am doing next. This is one of the things I tell people to do when choosing a food. Ask yourself, “what kind of activity will I be doing next?” Do I need extra energy to get through an intense workout, or am I sitting at a desk for the next 5 hours? Unfortunately, I still am amazed at how many people skip breakfast, but chow down a few hours before bed.

For right now, let’s just forget any diets that have trendy names. Let’s just focus on some simple foods that should be in your cupboard at all times. Long term health, endurance, fat loss, and preventing disease are just some of the reasons that you should add these to your daily plan. Most can be found in the organic section of your grocery store. Print out this list, and go shopping. Remember, what you put in your body has everything to do what you can get out of it!

1. Green Tea – Whether you like it hot, or iced in the summer. With lemon, a drop of raw organic honey, or plain. Green tea has properties that have shown to reduce belly fat and enhance metabolism.

2. Broccoli – Raw, steamed, with lemon, dipped in yogurt with fresh dill. One of the all around cancer preventing, cruciferous vegetables.

3. Ginger – Buy it in paste, or whole, ginger is great for digestion, and is a great anti-inflammatory. Add to water with lemon, make into salad dressing, put in stir frys.

4. Eggs – Vegetarian fed, organic, cage free. The ultimate protein. There are countless ways to eat this supreme food, loaded with muscle building benefits. Low in calories, easy to make in numerous ways.

5. Brown Rice – Still a great staple for those that need energy in workouts and activities.

6. Chicken – Free Range, Organic. Another staple for the muscles that have been torn down in the gym.

7. Spinach – Popeye was obviously onto something. Packed with nutrients, fiber, protein, and too low of calories to even count!

8. Coconut Oil – Organic Cold Pressed, Pure, Unrefined – One of the healthiest fats around. Add to coffee, steam veggies with it, bake with it, put on top of pancakes. Helps to regulate hormones, and energy levels. Great for skin.

9. Almond Butter – A great source of healthy fat. Loaded with protein, easy to just eat by the spoon, or put on top of rice crackers.

10. Mineral Water – With everyone buying tons of water these days, we forget one important factor. We are filtering out a lot of the needed minerals when we drink bottled and filtered water. Drink at least one glass daily of a high quality Mineral Water.

There you are, the top 10 Foods to Eat Every Day.

Simple ways to get great nutrition.

In health and strength,


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