10 Ways to NOT get fat.

Posted: June 25, 2014

Gaining weight as time goes on? With 10 Ways to Not get fat listed below, you should be able to never count calories again, and maybe even drop a few pounds. I am an advocate of eating healthy and nutritious foods. I am also a big fan of NEVER dieting, counting calories or eating complete garbage regularly. Sure, I indulge once in a while. That does not mean eating a whole bag of chips, cookies or a tub of ice cream. That means when I really really want to splurge, I will eat a single dip of ice cream, a couple pieces of a healthy pizza, or have a night of cocktails. This is not an everyday thing and when I do this I don’t beat myself up. I just enjoy the moment and move forward with my normal and healthy way of eating which is my lifestyle.

I have never dieted. I have always eaten mindfully and plan on living a long and vital life. Listed below are 10 tips to make eating healthy a lifestyle so that you never get fat. If you have a few pounds of extra that you would like to get rid of, then 10 ways to not get fat is for you and you also surprise your body and drop 10!

1.  Drink at least 6 glasses of purified water daily. Every cell depends on hydration. Think you are hungry? Drink a glass of water then decide.

2.  Eat fibrous rich foods that help to eliminate waste and toxins from your intestines.

3. Eat vegetables with every meal. A huge plate of veggies is loaded with benefits, has very little calories and will keep you fuller than a small carb rich snack.

4.  Add muscle to your frame. Muscle burns calories even while at rest.  You will have raised your metabolism even if you add a few pounds of muscle to your frame.

5.  Keep your home free of useless calories. If you have it within reach,you will eat it.

6.  Pack a healthy and tasty lunch and snacks every day so that you don’t have the urge to binge.

7.  Exercise regularly to burn calories and to raise metabolism. The preferred method is strength training. 20 minutes of intense strength training will burn calories for up to 36 hours after you are done exercising, while an hour of cardio will stop burning calories at the end of the hour session.

8.  Eat lean protein in every meal. Animal and plant protein is essential to a healthy, strong and lean body. Protein keeps you full for long periods of time as well.

9.  Eat healthy fats daily. Healthy fats as in almonds, walnuts, avocados, and plant oils keep your hormones functioning to keep fat from going into storage. Moderate amounts of healthy fats will not make you fat. However, trans fats and unhealthy fats from pastries and sweets will promote fat storage, and raise fat storing hormones.

10. Eat mindfully. When you pay attention to what you put into your mouth and how you feel after eating it, you will most likely make wiser choices. A nutrient dense diet is a choice. Make the one that you feel good about for lifelong health, energy and wellness.

Here are 10 ways to not get fat. These tips can be put into anyone’s daily life. Food is not an enemy but if you abuse your body with poor food choices by eating foods that don’t support a lean and strong body, you will never feel or look good. When you slowly adapt to a plan of eating lots of colorful and nutrient dense foods and stick to a strength training program, you will love the body you have created.

In strength and wellness!



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