2 Tips for a Flatter Belly

Posted: May 3, 2020

Who doesn’t want a flatter belly a tight core and to wear shirts tucked in?
Unfortunately, with Standard American Diet (SAD) we are missing key elements that give us that bloated and flabby midsection. I’m going to make this easy with 2 tips for a flatter belly that can help you look and feel better in 3 days!

If you’ve been sitting on laptops, binge-watching Netflix and snacking, there’s your culprit when you look down.

Visceral fat is the belly fat that is associated with a higher risk of disease.
This is the deep belly fat that surrounds organs and accumulates over time. It’s the deadly fat you MUST reduce before it turns into a life-threatening health issue.

Whether you want to drop 5 pounds or lose 40 or more…the methods are always going to be the same.

Eat for energy and longevity from a variety of foods, and move to keep your muscles and mind strong for the long haul.
Here are 2 tips that will make a quick difference by the end of the 3rd day if you just put them into practice.

Add them in as a “lifestyle” and you’ll not only lose weight, but never have to follow a diet with a name!
Knowledge is power. BUT…taking action is where changes are made!

1. Eat more veggies and fruits. Basically, add in more plants.
Vegetables are the missing link to fiber in nearly every diet that I’ve looked over since getting into this industry 20 years ago.
A salad is not enough. A banana in a smoothie once a day is not going to cut it either.
Start with aiming for 5 servings daily. 3 veggies and 2 servings of fruit.Then when you’ve done that? Shoot for 8 and so on.
Bloated bellies come from stored toxins and bound up intestines.When you add in rich fibrous foods, the toxins are shuttled out of your body daily (or more than once a day!)
Add in spinach, asparagus, artichokes, avocados, almonds, chia, and flax seeds, raspberries, apples, pears, oranges, sweet potatoes, bananas, kale, blackberries, and beans to name some of my favorites!


Beans are a great source of fiber, protein and essential minerals.
Plants are what ward off disease, lower cholesterol, and help the body eliminate waste.

When you start adding in more fiber from these sources, you’ll probably notice a bit MORE bloating. This is normal.
Be sure to drink more water. 

*That’s another missing link in SO many health issues and you’ll need it to get rid of that excess belly fat and rid the body of the bulk that’s sitting in your intestines.

#2. Move Your Body.
Back to being sedentary and eating a poor diet that’s missing fiber, we simply spend too much time seated.

Forget the issue of lockdown. Set a timer and every hour on the hour and MOVE if you spend time sitting.
Or…once a day, plan a 30-minute workout. It can be in the morning, or mid-afternoon to keep your blood flowing and to reduce stiffness from sitting…
Whatever it is you choose…make sure it gets your heart rate up, and your blood flowing! 
Go for a long and brisk walk. (Your smartphone has a tracker to tell you how far you went and how many steps you’ve taken…try to beat your numbers from last week!)

Walk up and down your stairs 10 times. Then do a body weight workout.

Do a series of high knees, hold a plank for 30 seconds, do some squats, push ups and mock rows, then grab a set of dumbbells and walk up and down the stairs again.
As long as you’re using your largest muscles, your heart and lungs, you won’t store the fat around your middle.

I’ve created a digital product that has follow along workouts and meal plans if you feel your weight gain is hormone related.

Click here to reduce belly fat so that you can feel, move and look better!

Cortisol is the “belly fat hormone” and if we don’t have ways to get rid of our stress, we will not only feel horrible, but we will hold onto extra weight.

Certain medications also are known to cause excess weight gain as in antidepressants, so move and eat your fiber to try to reduce this effect.
Standing up straight can really make your belly appear flatter, and most of us have poor posture. Be aware of this at all times.

These 2 tips for a flatter belly are basically ways to live. Not just a goal for the week. Add them in starting right now and see, feel and move better by the end of the 3rd day… and drop inches and pounds by the end of the first week!

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