20 Minute Workout Torches Fat for Hours!

Posted: July 15, 2016

If you could torch fat for hours by using a 20 Minute workout in your home, would you do it? You’d be crazy to say no! Ladies, if you have been slaving away on the treadmill or running for hours outside in this heat, AND cutting tons of calories, STOP.

Do you know that too much exercise and too little calories is not only aging and exhausting to your entire body, but it can actually PREVENT you from losing weight. If you want to work out for 20 Minutes and Torch Fat for Hours, then here are a few tips from someone that’s been in the fat torching business for over 20 years! You can call me a “body transformation specialist!”

  1. Short burst exercise is proven to create what is known as “the afterburn”. That means that your body continues to burn calories for up to 48 hours if you are using muscles during the workout…, not lungs, and heartrate as a gauge.
  2. ¬†Cutting too many calories makes your body think it is “starving” (which you most likely are) and makes your metabolic rate come to a complete halt. So, more calories and more carbs at the right time are the key to weight loss.
  3. When you do steady state cardio, you might burn a few hundred calories during the actual exercise session, but you are done when you stop exercising. IF you are doing short burst exercise that uses your biggest muscles, studies have shown that you will continue to be in a state of caloric burn for up to 48 hours!If you would like to kickstart your metabolic rate and torch fat for hours, while eating foods from a grocery list that keeps you energized, while you lose weight…

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