20 Questions for Your Oncologist

Posted: August 31, 2020

I hope that you’ll never need to refer back to this gift. Unfortunately…nearly every one of our lives will be touched by Cancer at some point. This is why I want you to be prepared. 20 Questions for Your Oncologist is a gift from Chris Wark.

When those words hit your ears, you’ll need to take time to regroup. Whether it is about you or a loved one…it will be great to have a resource that gives you steps.

Chris Wark created a series of modules in a global blockbuster that will give you the tools to cope. At a very young age, Chris did the unthinkable.

He was diagnosed with stage III Colon Cancer and decided to forego any type of chemotherapy. Is this the best option for everyone?
Maybe not.

But having options is the key. Preparing ahead of time for something that could happen…will give you tools and cutting edge practices that may save your life.

Fear will not help.
Denial may make it worse.
Prevention and of course, preparation is the key to living a longer life even if life has handed you a horrible diagnosis.

We have all heard horror stories of lives taken quickly. And, many of us have know someone that “shouldn’t still be alive.” I know that I have heard both.

We prepare for the future with savings and retirement accounts. We buy stocks and property…and books on how to live longer. Exercise and how we eat is in the forefront of most people’s minds. But…when it comes to Cancer? It’s something that most of us don’t talk about unless it’s too late.

Prepare your life, your home AND your future with a gift from Chris Wark and his free gift of the download, and a set reserved for his event. Chris’ event will give you the tools and give you a little bit of comfort in these uncertain times we are living in.

Watch the video trailer below and be sure to get access to your gift from Chris so that you don’t live in fear. I’ve literally used this questionnaire on several occasions in the last 4 years and been grateful I saved it, and had access to it.

Here is a printable resource that you can download and save.
>>>>CLICK HERE AND SAVE 20 Questions for Your Oncologist.

And when you click on this link…you can read the miraculous story of how Chris Wark beat stage III Colon Cancer at a very young age..and what a blessing his findings may be for you or a loved one.

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