21 Day Elimination Diet

Posted: December 28, 2013

Hello fellow health nuts!

I am embarking on a diet (hate that word) as a request from my health care practitioner. Between my thyroid, my body pains and my  hormones etc..I have had a rough year.

So my doctor gives me this handout of the 21 Day Elimination Diet. One side has the foods allowed, the other the foods to avoid. 100’s  of foods.

The funny thing is that I have already been following alkaline and paleo protocols by about 80%.

 The only foods on the diet list that I personally will have to give up are:

Red meat.

Cheese (this will be tough, I love feta in omelets and salads)

Caffeine (I drink 1/3 cup daily with coconut milk, so no biggie)

Alcohol.  (With that being said, I will start on Jan 2nd. We drink red wine a few nights weekly)

The longer list of foods to stay away from:

Citrus fruits

White rice/Flour/Any form of Gluten

White Sugar or any sweeteners

Soy Products

Pastries/Ice Cream/Cookies and Cakes

Fried Foods

Poultry that is NOT organic

Lunch Meats/Hot Dogs

Diet Foods/Diet Drinks

Prepared foods that are not organic or gluten free

When I coach people into a healthy lifestyle so that they never consider a “diet” I do so by having them get used to saying” I want to get stronger, build muscle and eat a tasty nutrient dense diet so that I will lose fat” This is empowering. When the average person follows a temporary diet, the fixate on what they are not allowed to have, thereby feeling deprived all along. Sure, they might lose a bit of weight, but it will always be water first, muscle second, then if they are lucky, fat.

The best way to lost fat, (notice I did not say weight) is to follow a nutrient dense diet. Load up your plates with vegetables, good carbs as in sweet potatoes and brown rice, and organic or free range grass fed protein. Make your protein shakes with organic protein powders that are available on this page by clicking on the tabs in red. Sunwarrior and Isagenix.

Since I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s auto-immune thyroiditis, I have had to really tighten up my diet, by adding more vegetables, staying away from flour and gluten, and dairy. It has not been too bad at all since I know the list of what I CAN eat is much longer!

As far as the 21 day Elimination Diet goes, it won’t be too hard. Maybe you should try it! The premise of following this diet is that after the 21 days you start to reintroduce each of the “offending” foods.  I don’t eat any of the possible offenders except for the ones I listed at the top.  You are supposed to notate in a log how each of the single foods make you feel after you have eaten them. Some of the symptoms are tired, bloated, constipated, diarrhea, signs of itchy scalp of eczema, and joint pain just to name a few. These foods are added in singly for around 2 days to see if you experience any of the above symptoms. Although I rarely eat any of the above listed foods, I’m going to give it a try.

If you have unexplained symptoms or take medications for heartburn, joint pain, lethargy, get colds or ill often or have gain weight unexpectedly, you could possible have a food intolerance or allergy. You might also have a thyroid issue. See a health care practitioner that is well versed in alternative methods of healing and understands that we can prevent a host of disease by following a healthy nutritional protocol. Take care of your insides now, so you don’t have to pollute them with medicine later. Same goes for exercise and strength training.

As I learn about ways to keep our bodies working to remain strong, free from pain and diseases, I will share my info with you.

In health, strength and wellness,


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