3 Tips to Getting Rid of Stress

Posted: July 16, 2016

Getting rid of stress is… a stressful feat. In trying to become more balanced, healthy, and calm, most of us take on more things instead of less. Getting rid of stress sometimes becomes a full time job…when actually, our jobs might be part of the problem. We need less work. We need less activity. We need less planning to “destress.”

When we are stressed out, our bodies produce the hormone cortisol. This not only puts us at risk for disease, it also forces our bodies to store fat around our bellies. Getting a “handle” on stress is not only going to keep you calmer, it could actually save your life!

So, if we have kids to drive around, jobs that are demanding, parents to care for, spouses  that want more attention and feel like we have not time for ourselves, what are the 3 top tips to getting rid of stress?

  1. Plan relaxation and down time, just as you would any important appointment. Then do something that not only calms you inside and out, but boosts your immune system as well.

Literally put appointments on your calendar to “chill out” and stick to them, with no excuses that you’re too busy. Do something in nature that connects your mind and spirit with fresh air, water, soil, or the sky. Take a walk or bike ride on a trail in a nature park. Plan a picnic or take a blanket to a field at night and stargaze. The smells, sights and sounds of nature are naturally soothing to our well being.

2. Learn to control your thoughts.

When we focus on the things that we have no control over, we create a more stressful living experience. Be mindful of things that you can change, and take the daily steps to create a more peaceful existence. If you spend a lot of time worrying about what “might” happen, you are not living in the present. Focus on things that you can control that make you happy. Plan to eliminate people, jobs and things that do not make you feel good, or follow your beliefs. Spend time with optimistic people…they will rub off on you!

3. Spend an hour or two doing things that calm your mind and body at least once a week.

Massage, music, a nice dinner out, a glass of wine. These things are “feel good” de stressors. A date night at a romantic restaurant is something that most couples don’t do any more. Getting a massage can lower everything from your cortisol to your blood pressure, and most of us carry a lot of tension in our shoulders, backs, feet and hips….Music is one of the oldest methods that has been used for centuries for calming our minds, bodies and souls..

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