3 Tips to Age-Proof Your Body

Posted: May 17, 2020

Everyone ages. But how we age is what matters. Sure, we are living longer, but at what cost? I’m going to give you 3 Tips to Age-Proof Your Body so that you can live long and strong…while warding off disease.

There are factors besides genes that have an effect on how well you are aging. Mindset and a sense of adventure matters. A positive mental attitude and the ability to cope with stress is another.

What you eat and how much you move matters. As does if you drink, smoke, take drugs or have zero social life.

Those that live to be 100 + usually have some higher power belief, and have a sense of community that they follow and belong to.

All of those matter greatly in the quest for a happy and fulfilling life and I urge you to pay mind to them all.

However, for today’s post. I am going to give you 3 Tips to Age-Proof Your Body so that you can move, feel and look better too!

  1. Begin a Functional Strength Training Program.

Functional strength is the ability to push, pull, squat, bend, lift, reach, twist and press your own body, or an object daily and without injury.

When you get to the point where you are are so sedentary that simple tasks are restricted or make you sore? This is when you will go downhill if you don’t start to methodically get stronger!

I’m not talking about building giant bulky muscles. I am talking about movement patterns that mimic everyday life so that you can prevent injuries. The other thing I am talking about is having a toned shape so that you can feel that you look youthful and vital!

When we can again, join a gym and hire a trainer or do a class that focuses on functional strength. Or while on lockdown, do follow along workouts that you can do at home that are short and keep your body strong and efficient with bodyweight moves or a set of dumbbells.


Anyone can get stronger at any age. In order to be able to care for yourself, to carry groceries, walk without falling or tripping, and have balance…you need a strong and efficient body. Build functional strength starting today!

2. Eat for Energy and to Fight off Disease

Trendy diets that omit entire food groups are stressful. They simply take the joy out of eating and turn it into a guilt trip. Unless you have a disease or disorder that forces you to omit entire food groups…eat everything. Now don’t get me wrong…I don’t mean gorge yourself on fake foods or processed foods and sweets.
What I mean is to eat mindfully and eat a variety of foods from nature.

If you want to have a drink or some wine. Have a little. Now if you drink excessively, this will add weight, raise blood sugar, age you faster and can lead to disease.

Want dessert? Have some. Not every night, but at special occasions or social events. Don’t disclaim that you “shouldn’t be eating this.” Eat it. Enjoy it and take note that it’s a treat.

Fill your plate with foods that are colorful and have benefits! This alone will slow the aging process and reboot your cells!

Eat tons of veggies and fruits for fiber and antioxidants… not to mention the nutrients that ward off disease.

Eat lean sources of protein from grass fed animals, beans, nuts and seeds.

Get your healthy fats from Avocados and fatty fish, almond butters, seeds, extra virgin olive oils and hemp, walnut and other healthy oils.

Take pride in your body and what you put into it. You want energy and to look good? Then mindfully eat foods from different sources and not too much of them. When you have a nutrient dense diet, you’ll be less apt to gain weight and never need to follow a trendy diet.

3. Sleep to Refresh, Restore and Rebuild Your Body.

Without enough sleep, every system in your body will fail. Your hormones will pack on the pounds. Your energy levels will be non-existent. And, your brain will decline fast.

Keep your room a sanctuary that makes deep sleep comfortable and inviting. Make it dark and somewhat cool. Turn off all tech devices about 45 minutes before you turn in…and plan something that relaxes your brain and body.

When you pay attention to these 3 Tips, you’ll age better and slower while looking younger and moving with ease.

YOU are in the driver’s seat on the road to your future.

How you age, how well you move, and whether you’re vital or not, will be determined by these factors above.

Start implementing them today, so that tomorrow is a healthy, lean and active you…enjoying all that life has to offer!

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Coach Dawn

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