3 Tips to Prevent Falling

Posted: May 22, 2020

Many things determine how long we will live. We now know that our gene pool is only a fraction of it. From whether we smoke or have a dog…to the foods we eat. I’m going to let you in on 3 Tips to Prevent Falling so that as you walk the path of life, you don’t trip over an obstacle and end it all prematurely!

That may seem like a bummer of a statement but think of this. Every 19 minutes a person over 65 dies from a fall in the U.S.

They fall because of several reasons.

So what we eat, and whether we smoke or not is NOT what comes to my mind with this fall statistic. It’s how can we PREVENT falling in the first place?

You see…I own a gym and coach people over 50.

Anyone can train a 20 something. But coaching a person over 50 is really fun, and more importantly, extremely rewarding.

It’s imperative to PREVENT falling. It’s something that is preventable. IF you should happen to fall, you should be able to get right back up and brush off your scraped knee (and your embarrassment.)

NOT have to call 911, or worse yet…have someone else call for you!

Here are 3 Tips to Prevent Falling:

  1. Start a functional Strength Training Program.

When you build muscle by using functional strength moves, you engage all of your muscles in every plane of motion that they move in. Instead of running, try exercise bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, balance moves and tools that build the entire body.

Functional strength is the ability to push, pull, squat, bend, twist, reach, and lift an object mindfully while preventing injury.

2. Build Strong Glutes and a Strong Core.

Flat buns are weak buns. And, if you have flat buns, you’ll most likely have a weaker midsection.

Do moves as in squats and hip bridges, planks and deadlifts.
Get coached to do these with perfect form and see how strong you get no matter what your age.

This will grow stronger and more efficient muscles in your rear end and your hips. When you are in a perfect plank, your buns and entire body should be tight as your belly button is pulled towards your spine.

Hold a perfect plank in this position and start at 30 seconds with your buns tight and your belly pulled in. Keep elbows under shoulders and chin over hands.

Being able to lift an object mindfully while bending your knees, keeping your chest up, and lowering your hips will build stronger legs.

Learn how to properly lift something by holding it close to your body, keeping your chest up and your head up as well. When you are looking at the ground you are usually in a forward head and rounded back position.

It’s important to be aware of the position of your body as you move, walk, lift and go through life.

3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings!

Don’t walk with your phone in front of your face. Secure rugs, move objects and be mindful when carrying something. KNOW where you are putting your feet!

PRACTICE lifting things from the floor close to your body by hinging hips back with knees bent, driving heels through the ground as you lift your chest up. At the top you should be in a full standing position.

Keep doing this daily as you get used to lifting a heavier object with ease!

My parents are 83 and 84 and we go over this at least 20 times per workout! I create small “obstacle courses” with steps and uneven paths and have them walk back and forth on the path being MINDFUL of where they place their feet.

I don’t care if you’re 30 or 80. Getting stronger, practicing balancing on one leg, lifting objects and looking where your feet are will help.

Fall prevention is imperative so that you don’t become a statistic. If you have parents over 60? I urge you to get them on a path to becoming aware of what it feels like to be strong and balanced.

When you are strong and balanced, you confidently go through life with ease. And…if you happen to trip and fall? You get back up and nurse that sore knee of elbow and shrug off the embarrassment thankfully…because you were prepared!

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in bodies we love for life!

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