5 Cosmetic Treatments to Avoid During Summer

Posted: June 14, 2019

Baring our skin in the warm months makes us want to be sure that we look great right? However, some skin treatments should wait. Here are 5 Cosmetic Treatments to Avoid During Summer.

After certain cosmetic services, our skin becomes smoother, but it also becomes more susceptible to burning and is more fragile.

Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and certain laser treatments might seem like a good idea…but some should wait until the Fall. Click here for an extensive list on what treatments to avoid and why.

Our skin shows how we eat, whether we smoke or drink…and if we are savvy with sunscreen and cosmetics. You can look at a persons skin and see what kind of life they have lead.

Stress, lacking sleep, not eating right and many other factors show in our skin. Thankfully, with the options available to us now…we can turn back the hands of time.

When we look good, we feel good. A good haircut, a slim belly and great posture won’t look good if your skin is dehydrated and lack luster.

Cosmetic treatments are one of the best options you can use to defy aging and peel of years of sun damage.

Be sure to ask your skin care professional if NOW is a good time to do whatever cosmetic treatments you are considering. If you get the “ok”…be sure to follow the instructions of aftercare.

If they say you should wait. Then listen, and be sure to wear your sunscreen, eat a diet rich with anti-inflammatory foods and antioxidants…and prepare to do your treatment if choice in the Fall.

Click here for a detailed report on skincare treatments so that you can look revived and beautiful all year long!

Coach Dawn

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