5 Foods to NEVER have in your kitchen!

Posted: September 11, 2015

Hey Friends,

Today I am going to make sure that you NEVER have these 5 foods in your kitchen.

It’s amazing to me that there are still so many people that think certain foods are healthy. However, I understand that the media is all about the almighty dollar, and don’t give a crap if you are getting sicker, fatter, or more lethargic. Hey, that’s why the OTHER big money makers are the insurance companies and drug companies that will “take care” of you later on in life.

Well, I hope that the reason that you are reading this is that you know that you DO have choices and that you want to make the right ones. So today, I am going to give you a very small list of 5 Foods to NEVER have in your kitchen, and then I am going to lead you to the place where you can get a 30 day plan that will give you the tools to take back your energy levels, with a Grocery List for Life, a Smoothie Recipes for Optimal Health book with over 45 smoothie recipes, a workout plan of exercises that will torch body fat and burn tons of calories that you can do at home, AND many more bonuses…when you click HERE. 

Back to the 5 Foods to Never have in your kitchen.

1. Orange Juice – Eat an orange, you’ll get the fiber, the nutrients and not just the blood sugar spike.

2. Granola or Breakfast Cereals – These are loaded with empty carbs, sugar and don’t contain enough protein to start the day off right. Energy will spike and then crash and burn if you start your day with this.

3. Diet or Regular Soda’s and “Fruit” Juice Drinks – Again, loaded with sugar, and the fake sugars in the diet drinks will disrupt your hormones and trick your brain into being hungry. Opt for water!

4.  Margarine – NEVER eat this toxin. Aim for Ghee, Grass Fed Butter, Or Organic Butter in small doses. OR, use Coconut Oil instead.

5.  Packaged Frozen foods – the ingredients are something you most likely have never heard of. Besides the salt and chemical content, these foods are a sure way to sabotage any goals of weight loss or health. 

For the healthiest way to lose weight without cutting calories or doing tons of cardio, and a plan to restore your energy , balance your hormones, and get your body fitter and tighter than ever…


Your friend and coach,


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