5 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

Posted: October 27, 2013

Hello Frustrated,

Here you will find 5 simple reasons that might be holding you back from losing weight. At some point in their lives, most adults have either tried many diets, or are considering trying one. If this is you, read on. This is a short and concise list, so don’t try to read between the lines. These are pretty hardcore facts, and I bet you might nod your head with one or two of them. You have more control over your weight than you think. Take control the right way.

1.  Diets that have names are what is ruining our chances for fat free bodies. Cutting too many calories and not eating enough slows our metabolisms down instead of what we really need….speeding up our metabolisms. It doesn’t have to have a name to work for you. Add in more vegetables in place of fats and fatty proteins. This one step is one geared towards health, longevity and fat loss.

2.  One size does not fit all. Just because your friend lost weight on the “no carb” diet, or your sister lost weight by walking for an hour a day, does not mean that your body will do the same. Every one of us has a different set of factors. Genetics, age, sex, muscle mass, etc…Find someone that understands how YOUR body can be it’s best and guide you in the best way to drop fat. Then start a regimen that works for you.

3.  Your thyroid is what keeps your metabolism running. If you are doing everything right. Eating clean, doing cardio and lifting weights to build muscle and still can’t drop any fat, you might have low thyroid levels. Get them checked. Most medical doctors say “you are in the normal limits”. Ugh! If you are tired, suffer from hair loss, memory issues, fat gain, or can’t lose weight, find a health care practitioner that specializes in this.

4. You might not be eating enough. Yep, read that one right. If you are eating less calories than your basal metabolic rate, you might be forcing your body to hold onto fat instead of burn through it. Eat enough fuel to keep your body energized and eat a nutrient dense diet. Eat for your activity levels, not a random #. Use the free app for smart phones called My Fitness Pal.

5.  You are trying to out exercise a bad diet. This is SO common. People go to the gym or do hardcore classes 3-4 times weekly and then go home and eat anything they want. Not ok. If you have the dedication to work out, feed your body what it needs to repair muscle tissue and energize your body for the next workout. Not more than that, and not less.

 5 Reasons that you can’t lose weight is the start to really looking at your habits and tweaking them one at a time.

This  is how you will see results!


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