5 Things that are KEEPING you Fat

Posted: September 22, 2015

5 Things that are keeping you fat might be right in your home! It simply amazes me that the media still targets women (we do the shopping) when making ads to entice us to buy foods that simply KEEP us fat. Damn them!

I can’t believe how tantalizing they make fast, toxic and junky food look! Sometimes I even want to go to the drive thru that minute and grab whatever they are advertising…but I know better. I know what to choose, and what to never eat. It isn’t your fault that the big food companies have tricked you!

Here is a list of 5 foods that are most likely in your home that are KEEPING the fat on, and the fat storage hormones working. (let’s get the fat BURNING ones turned on instead!)

1. Margarine
2. Diet Soda
3. Orange Juice (or any other “juice”)
4. Fat Free yogurt
5. Pre-packaged diet or low fat foods.

None of these foods support an energized or sexy body. They actually will force your body to hold onto fat storing molecules and NEVER let you drop the pounds, let alone feel good about how you look.

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