6 Tips for Optimal Health

Posted: July 31, 2022

Staying healthy shouldn’t be difficult, or seem like a task. Making mindful choices daily, and taking steps toward lifelong wellness is the key to warding off aging. Forget trendy diets, extreme exercise, and counting calories. Here are 6 Tips for Optimal Health that will keep you moving, happy, and energized in a strong and lean body you love for life.

  1. Eat whole foods with a variety of colors and flavors. A nutrient-dense diet should be appealing, satiating, and simple to cook or prepare so that you can stick to it. Choose foods locally grown, or from farmers’ markets when available. Eat protein that comes from pasture-raised animals, free from hormones. An abundance of organic fruits and vegetables should be on hand regularly and served as the main part of every meal. Healthy fats ward off inflammation, keep you full, and are excellent sources of flavor. Add avocados, and nuts to salads. Drizzle grilled veggies with organic flavored olive oils and high-quality avocado oils.

2. A body in motion stays in motion. You know how stiff you get after a long car ride, plane ride, or a long day at your desk. Your body was meant to move in all planes of motion. Keep it flexible with stretching, and yoga. Stay strong, boost your metabolism and prevent muscle wasting with strength training as in my program for women over 40, The 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret.

3. Spend time in nature regularly. There is something calming, centering, and uplifting about being on a hike, out on a lake, or looking at mountains and waterfalls. A good long walk on a trail can not only burn calories, but help your mind slow down. Paddleboarding and kayaking are relaxing, but use muscles in a slow and methodical way that doesn’t seem like exercise! Plan vacations where you can spend the day in nature, and the evenings by a fire, looking at the stars. This practice of taking time to unplug can have a positive effect on every system in your body.

4. Drink more water, and less of everything else. If you drink any liquids named “diet,” or with fake sugars or chemicals in them STOP. These have been shown to trigger everything from cravings for carbs, (hear fat storage) to chronic pain. Drink purified water, and mineral water. Or, although expensive, the benefits are stunning – Drink organic fresh pressed juices loaded with nutrients. Be sure to take in at least half of your bodyweight in water daily.

5. Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary and aim for 7 hours nightly. Keep your room dark, slightly cool, and comfortable so you can fall asleep and stay asleep. Drink calming teas before bedtime, and relax with some stretches, or meditate and breathe deeply for a few minutes to unwind. Turn off tech devices so you can calm your brain. Think positively about the next day and set your alarm so that you get up right away. Ditch the habit of more than one alarm.

6. Spend time with those you like and love. Of course, it’s nice to lend an ear to a friend in need, and we all have friends and family members that can be draining to be around. But, we all can choose how much time we spend with people, and how often we see them. Make time to connect with the people you feel the best around. Do short phone calls with negative people, and spend the most time with people that make you feel great, and are happy with their lives. Be the person that other people want to be around, and be sure that you have some quality alone time as well, to reflect on gratitude, and what you want out of life.

These 6 tips for Optimal Health are a great list that will get you to the best YOU ever!

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