7 Days to Extreme Energy

Posted: January 23, 2018

Tired? Sick? Wishing you had the energy to exercise, but your New Year’s diet has you too exhausted to do a thing but dream of food? Sometimes what we need is a quickie! Yep…well, not THAT kind of quickie (although that isn’t¬† all that bad eh?) What you need is 7 Days to Extreme Energy…and I promise you that you’ll have enough energy to feel rejuvenated!

Each year, most of us come up with some vague resolution to

*Lose weight

*Eat healthy

*Stop drinking

*Start Exercising

and you know….basically change WHO we are.

All of those are too nonspecific so we fail.

I’d like to help you get started. This is NOT a starvation fad, or trendy named (Keto anyone) diet that will have you hiding your bag of chips in the car.

This is a 7 Day guide to just get a little jump start in your engine, a reboot in your morning and a few ways to rev up that sluggish metabolic rate that has you laying like a lump on the winter couch.


It’s what I use in our gym to get people out of their funk, and into a new way of looking at looking,¬†feeling and moving better than they did last week. This isn’t a crazy commitment or a quick fix. It’s a gift from me because I know that most people keep doing the same thing over and over…and we both know what that means.

Then next week you can email me and let me know if you’re ready for the next step,


Help me, help you!


Coach Dawn

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