Abdominals……Tighten Them Up!

Posted: October 26, 2012

Abs, Abdominals, Core, Midsection, Belly, Pouch, Muffin Top…..whatever you have named yours, I’m here to help you get yours in shape.

First, lets clear up a misconception. You can not spot train abdominals. Well, let me take that back, you can WASTE time spot training, and will never see the results you are looking for. We all know that what we are looking for is a tight, taught, flat, midsection. With that being said, are you aware that the biggest factor in what your abs look like has to do with your diet? Actually, most of what your physique looks like is directly related to your diet. How much fat you carry, how much muscle you keep, and how many calories you burn: all about the diet. Most people in the fitness industry know, 75% diet, and 25% work outs, are what comprise how you look.

There is no way to only target the abs, without activating other surrounding muscles. The great part about that is that when you work your body with either free weights, or kettlebells, or sandbags in a standing position, your entire core is engaged. Sitting on machines does not engage your core. It might ever so slightly, but not so that you will work them and see a difference. Standing and lifting any type of weight requires that you engage your core, and most of your surrounding muscles just to pick up the weight. To stabilize the body, and keep you from falling over, you have to tighten up your core. To push, pull, or press a weight overhead activates many muscles from your glutes, to your abdominals to your entire upper body. The awesome thing about that is that you build muscle doing this type of workout, AND get your heart rate up at the same time. This is why I often speak of getting the most “bang for the buck”. It is with this type of workout that you will see a difference. You will get stronger, have better balance, create muscle, and burn fat. This will also get your heart rate soaring if you are picking up a weighted object from the floor. I often have people in my bootcamps asking why we don’t spend time on sit ups, this is why.

There are other tools,that can get you quicker results, and let’s face it, isn’t that the point of working out? Results.

Kettelbells, sandbags, planks, stability balls, suspension training, and good old free weights are the best choices to get your abs in shape. When you add a clean diet of great nutrient dense protein and produce, mixed with a lot of water, you will start to peel off unwanted pounds.Your cardio choices can also be varied. Between circuit training, intervals with weights with little rest, high intensity interval training, cardio machines, and anything that gets your heart rate up……these are ways to burn calories, however, using muscles AND getting the heart rate up burns more fat, not just calories. Fat is what covers up all of that hard work in the gym. The only way to see those tight, hard earned abdominals is to burn off that fat for energy, clean up your diet, or the best option: both!

Stop wasting time in the gym with “abs only” exercises. Use multi tasking, whole body moves to sculpt your body sooner, and leaner. Get moving now, comfort food is right around the corner!

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