Abs for Women Over 40

Posted: October 25, 2020

If you are over 40 and female, then you may think you’ll never see “abs” again. I’m here to tell you that Abs for women over 40, ARE a possibility!


There’s more to flat and firm abs than doing cardio and burning calories.

Actually, too much cardio is directly related to you NOT being able to look younger or get firm.

A firm body is a sign of youth right?

Dieting and cardio depletes muscle tissue. A lack of muscle is directly related to a slower metabolic rate.

When your body loses muscle with age…you look older, and the weight starts to show up where you hate it.

You know where I mean right ladies? You belly and flabby buns…and that bra flab that makes your back look lumpy!

I’ve coached women for 20+ years to look, move and feel younger than their age.

The top tools to whittling your middle are found in my program that you can start today when you click here called Final Fat Meltdown.

If you are ready to stop counting calories and see a body that you thought you’d never see. Click HERE!

Won’t it be great to never put on a pound during the holidays, while eating real foods…and loving that you can do these workouts at home?

My program takes less than 20 minutes and you’ll see the changes and testimonials from women just like you!

But now they have more energy, more time and LOVE what they see when they look in the mirror!

Forget the gym, forget the step counter on your wrist. Give your body the kickstart it needs to rev up that sluggish metabolic rate and firm up that belly.

Abs for women over 40 is in your future. All you have to do is click on the link and TAKE ACTION HERE!

Coach Dawn

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