Afterburn for Weight Loss and Toning

Posted: September 23, 2016

Wish you had more time to spend getting in shape or eating better? No worries! I barely have time to workout myself…That is why I rely on the AFTERBURN for weight loss and toning!
If you have started to see the candles on your cake going up as the number of your waistline does too, I have something to share that is super exciting!
Your body has the ability to burn calories when you are sitting at your desk. WHAT? Did you read that right?
“AFTERBURN” is the term. “This is what those fancy exercise scientists call the scenario inside your body that makes your metabolic rate spike so high… that your body keeps burning calories long after you are done exercising.”
One of the biggest problems with women over 40,  is that they have either not exercised at all, or only done cardio. Now they are slowly putting on the pounds as time goes on. Not only do they weigh more now, they have a metabolic rate that has basically come to a complete halt!
Here is why 7 minutes is enough to change your shape and give you back the look you admire on younger women. I will show you how and why the afterburn is the key, and why what you are doing will only make you keep getting bigger and flabbier!
What short burst exercise does is create lean muscle tissue AND keeps the body’s furnace burning calories. The most calories are burned  AFTER you are done with the session. So now you have added a little muscle with each session, and created a faster metabolic rate.
The more lean muscle tissue you have, the faster your metabolic rate. (and no girls, I am not talking about huge muscles that you see on men. Even 1% more muscle will raise your metabolism!)
On the other hand, when you are walking or doing cardio, the minute you are done with that exercise,  your body is done burning calories.
So, if that little “wrist gadget” says you burned 300 calories walking or running, you get all excited and think that your body will change. I am sorry to tell you that it will not. When you step off of the treadmill, you are done burning calories.
Even if you do lose weight, you now have a slower metabolic rate since that type of exercise burns through muscle tissue instead of building it.
Less muscle means a slower metabolic rate and frankly leads to a flabbier, more aged looking YOU.
The way that you can burn calories all day long, AND look firmer and younger and never do cardio again is found when you discover how to activate the AFTERBURN in your body!
This type of exercise is exactly how I lost weight and NEVER FOUND IT AGAIN.
You can create a sexy, firm and tight body that is a fat burning machine with this type of exercise. This is also how you can create a body and lifestyle that let’s you eat the foods that you love, instead of counting calories or always “being on a diet.”
Want to sculpt a slimmer you and be able to eat foods that you love?
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