Why Age is NOT just a number and How to Live Long and Strong!

Posted: July 12, 2016

Do you fear old age? Did you see the AARP video where they interviewed 20-39 year olds?

They asked them at what age someone gets old and what that looks like.
The results?

Most said that 50 was old! That’s right 50!You should have seen the 50 year olds that they showed….

They showed a group of VERY old looking people, and then they started walking all hunched over, shuffling around, acting like they had a cane!

But then they brought in some REAL people in their 50’s, 60’s and even 80’s that were healthy, active and fit. Age did not matter to them! They completely blew away the misconceptions of what it means to be “older”.

Is age just a number?

Well….yes and no.
Let’s be honest. Some 60 year olds feel old, act old and look old.
Other 70 year olds are the epitome of youthfulness and vitality.

So while some are defined by their chronological age…others defy it!

With Dr. Dan Ritchie’s new plan Vibrant Fitness for Women, you WILL believe and feel that aging is a joy!

Within weeks you will feel the amazing benefits of this unique fitness routine created specifically for women like you.

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Your friend and coach in aging with strength and vitality,


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