Age Related Weight Gain

Posted: November 27, 2016

Outdated old school science told us to exercise more, and eat less. I did that for years and as I got older, suffered from Age Related Weight Gain.Unfortunately there are so few medical doctors that are up on the last 5 years in exercise science and nutrition, that most healthcare practitioners tell their patients to cut calories, and to walk. The truth is that they couldn’t give worse advice.

If you are over 30, you are already on the slow path to age related weight gain, and muscle loss, which really means a slower metabolic rate. If you are cutting fats, then you are also losing brain power, energy levels and getting weaker every year. After 40 it gets worse, and after 50…yeah, you guessed it.

Can you pinch more than an inch around your midsection and have a little “flap” in your arms?

Studies are showing that the most favorite method of exercise is still either walking or running, and that both not only promote muscle loss, but can accelerate the aging process!

Muscle is the only tissue on your body responsible for keeping you strong, firm, and lean, with a flatter firmer belly. It is also what keeps your metabolic rate running on high, even when you are sitting doing nothing.

The sad truth is that if you are not building your muscles with some form of strength training, and are over 35,you are getting weaker, aging faster, and are setting your body up for quick and lasting FAT STORAGE.

Updated research shows that those long days in the gym are not only unnecessary, they are dangerous. As we age, we can actually harm our thyroid, our hormonal balance, and our hearts if we exercise too strenuously, or for too long.

So, how do we lose weight after 30 or 40, and firm up our bodies without extreme diets and cardio?

Science now shows us that even short periods of exercise using all of the  muscle groups, is not only enough to get firmer and fitter, but it is more beneficial as it slows down the aging process.

Short exercise sessions that use several muscles at one time, with the proper movement patterns as the ones in the 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret plan provide numerous benefits:

  1. Strengthening the lower back and preventing injuries.
  2. Promoting a raised metabolic rate, making weight loss easy.
  3. Promoting balance, better posture, a flatter belly and firmer body.
  4. Releasing a surge of anti-aging hormones that are responsible for slowing down the aging process.
  5. Raising “feel good” endorphins and chemicals in your brain that contribute to a positive outlook, better sleep, higher sex drive and more confidence.(all the things associated with youth!)

Forget hours in the gym that can potentially lead to harming hormones, joints and wasting muscle.

Click here to discover your 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret. Your plan to age your body backwards so you can look younger than you did a decade ago!



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