Age Related Weight Gain

Posted: September 18, 2017

Last night I had a conversation with a group of men and women that are going on diets.! It ended up being an eye-opener for a lot of the couples, especially the women. You see, age related weight gain is NOT the same for men as it is for women. Women are more apt to get flabbier all over, where men might just gain belly fat.

 I used to think that if I cut a lot of calories and exercised more, that the weight would come off just like it did for my guy. Now I know better and after finally “getting it” and realizing that men carry more muscle on their bodies, making them have a faster and more efficient metabolic rate.

What if I told you that all of the things that you have been told to do in the past, are exactly why you are having a hard time losing weight?

When did your “doctor” ever give a plan to help  get your hormones under control or even suggest a method to RAISE your metabolic rate that didn’t involve medication or hormone creams? He didn’t because doctors only get a few hours of study in the field of nutrition, and metabolism repair and don’t know how to slow age related weight gain. 

An endocrinologist just told my client that “as people get a bit older and gain weight, that they should walk a little bit!

Walk a little bit more was his only answer to her questions about weakness, weight gain, and fatigue! Let’s just say that she won’t be walking into his office any more! She walked into my gym and is using my plan at home…at 57 years old!! She’s lost inches, pounds, has a firmer body than she has in years!

This is the plan that has her turning back the clock and now you can have access to it here! 

The New England Journal of Medicine, The Wall Street Journal, Women’s Health Magazine, and Oxygen for Her, all have posted articles saying that America’s favorite pastime…walking, is not enough.

Cut out too many calories and now you have forced your hormones to work against you..storing fat right before your eyes!

Let’s look at some steps that can get you onto the path of wellness, fatloss AND energy.

Step #1 Stop counting calories.

Add more protein and vegetables.

As we pass 30, our bodies are already starting to decline. By age 50, we can have lost over 20% of our muscle mass. That means more body fat and less strength…and the cycle creeps up faster. Just like our weight.

Step #2 Exercise smarter.

This information might shock you since most of us will live to see our 70th birthday and well past that.

By 70, our bodies can have lost up to 50% of our lean muscle mass due to missing key nutrients and lack of muscular strength. No wonder we get so weak, and lose our balance.

Statistics show that the last 8 years of our lives are either spent incapacitated and unable to care for ourselves, or on medications in a nursing home.. The thought to me is unbearable.

The great news is that age related muscle loss and weight gain is preventable. The key is to being able to feel and look youthful, but more importantly…to age with less body fat, while regaining strength, and balance.

Here is your 30 day plan to turn back the clock!

Forget trends and quick fixes to get stronger and lose that belly fat. More importantly, even if you love to walk…keep doing what you love, but add in weekly training and a tasty and healthy, nutrition plan that preserves your precious muscle tissue that keeps you vital as you age.

That is how you age proof your body! That is how you lose weight while looking younger than you did 10 years before!

Step #3 Eat foods that support fat loss and muscle sparing.

Healthy fats and lean protein create a thermogenic effect and keep metabolic rate on high.

Don’t wait another minute, day, or until “Monday”. For a proven plan that guides you to a more energized and youthful body, while SLOWING DOWN  the aging process,

click this link and say Give me the guide to reverse aging!

Your friend and coach in anti-aging, wellness and strength, so that you can be the fittest you at any age,


Dawn Sylvester


p.s. Each year we add more fat and lose more muscle. Today is the day to commit to stopping age related weight gain. 

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