Ageless Body Secret Workout

Posted: January 8, 2020

Aging happens to us all, but what we feel like, move like and look like is what matters to most women. I created an Ageless Body Secret Workout that will tone are reshape your body fast.

I’ve been a gym owner that coaches women for 20+ years.

In those years, I’ve seen first hand what women do that’s wrong and a waste of time.

Working out after the age of 40, has to be different than in your 20’s and 30’s.
Why? Because your body is losing muscle at a rapid rate and if you don’t want to ever diet or look flabby…read on.

Below is why the workout you’re doing, won’t work.

Cardio workouts spare precious muscle tissue. Most women I know do cardio only workouts, and don’t have any tone or strength to their bodies.

Not working out at all, creates a flabby body that tires easily and puts on age-related weight.

Hormones trigger fat storage due to lack of several factors.

  • Not getting enough rest or being under chronic stress. This causes you to store belly fat.
  • Not eating enough to sustain your metabolism, so your body stores fat instead of burns through it. This happens when your body thinks it’s starving.
  • Following trendy diets that deplete certain food groups, thus creating a nutrient deficiency. This also causes hormonal disruption.
  • When you eat diet foods or processed foods, your body cannot process them. Causing hormones and digestion to go out of whack.

It isn’t about working out more. Or about working out harder.

It’s about working out using a short window of time, doing certain movement patterns that target the muscles that burn the most calories.

I created The Ageless Body Secret Workout for women that are too tired to workout…too busy to go to a gym, and too broke to pay for a trainer.

Is that woman YOU?

After several years watching women come into the door of my gym with the same complaint. I knew I had to help. They ALL couldn’t come to me, so I knew that creating a digital follow along program would help. Follow along workouts, and a simple recipe guided meal plan with REAL food is what we want.

We want and need that because that’s what works!

Helping women overcome diet disasters, yo-yo dieting pasts, and coaching them to a youthful body is my expertise!


Even with a thyroid disorder, I still wear a bikini, have endless energy and feel amazing. YOU CAN TOO!

Whether you think you’ve tried it all, I assure you, you have not. What I coach my girls to do is to change the way they think about exercise and read my story by clicking the blue links.

My program is super simple. Easy to follow. More cost-effective and time-efficient than nearly any other workout you’ve tried. And I know…I’ve heard of all the latest workouts.

CrossFit doesn’t work for every woman, and frankly, most workouts are created by men.

Click here to discover your ageless new body so that you can re-shape, tone and firm up your trouble spots within the next 30 Days!

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