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Posted: February 20, 2017

Is it possible to feel as if you are aging “backwards”? I say YES! In my digital book 7 Minute Ageless Body Secrets, I have given women over 40 a second chance at a sexy, lean, firm and fit body. With follow along workouts that can be done at home, that only take 7 minutes…you have no excuse as to why you can’t get in shape fast.

Forget hours of cardio that actually accelerates the aging process. Forget strict diets that have you drinking shakes only, and make you feel tired and hungry. Those are old school methods that not only don’t work, they don’t last.

If you are looking for a method that thousands of women are using to look and feel amazing, click on the blue links on this page and see how I went from an overweight girl in my late 20,s that “lived” in the gym, did hours of cardio daily and kept gaining weight, to a fit and frisky woman at 50+ that still wears a bikini! (you can see my picture in the link)

Don’t think that the best days are behind you. It doesn’t matter what your family history is, how much you have to lose, or if you think a firm body will never be yours.

I use to think that too. I ran on the treadmill, had a stepmill in my living room, and thought I ate healthy. I ended up with adrenal issues from actually too much exercise!

If you hate the way you look, and never feel good, I can relate. I felt the same for years. I hired trainers, followed faddish diets and finally…took my “aging” into my own hands. Now, as a gym owner that coaches women into lifestyles of lean and strong bodies. I know what works.

My passion is helping women achieve optimal health and wellness at any age. In 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret, you will be offered a 21 Day Ageless Energy Meal plan after your purchase. I highly recommend this way of eating.

Superfoods that are loaded with healthy nutrients, that taste delicious and will make you feel great on the inside, while looking younger on the outside. What more does a girl need eh?

Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health and wellness….despite the number of candles on our cake!

Coach Dawn

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