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Posted: July 31, 2017

What does it mean to be “AGELESS?” You know…the woman that you see that you know is over 40, maybe even over 50, but she looks amazing? Not just for her age even, but for someone even 15 years younger? I can promise you that she doesn’t look like that from extreme diets or hours of cardio. She uses Ageless Body Workouts.

If you are a woman over 40, and you think that your sexy and firm days are behind you, they are not. With a thyroid disorder AND other health issues, I look better at 57 then I did when I was in my 30’s.

If you are too tired to exercise and think gyms are either boring, or you just simple don’t know what to do in a gym, keep reading.

I have coached women for 20+ years into first, changing their mindset and then secondly, changing their bodies. With Ageless Body Workouts, you will not only sculpt lean, calorie burning muscle, but you will get rid of the flab that makes you feel and look old. Your metabolic rate is about to be your friend!

Imagine fitting into a pair of jeans that not only fits, but hugs the right places.

Imagine spending only minutes daily, with movement patterns that shape your body and make you feel strong.

Imagine having the time AND energy to fit this into your hectic life, no matter how busy you are.

Hormones, age, diet and lifestyle are what will dictate what your body looks like, and feels like.

Isn’t it time for you to make your health, your confidence and YOU a priority?

Click the link below and turn back the hands of time, with a do-able plan for the woman over 40 so that you can take back your confidence and get your body back to youthful levels!


Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health and wellness, in sexy bodies that we love!


Coach Dawn

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