Aging. These Factors Will Determine How You Do it.

Posted: April 30, 2014

Aging. These factors will determine how you do it. We all know that we will age, but how will YOU age? Will you be frail and weak, unable to take care of yourself? Or will you be strong and vital, healthy from the inside out. Have you dieted most of your life to “get smaller and thinner”, or have you eaten for energy kept active and built your body for the future? Have you eaten for convenience or for longevity? All of these things are what will either age you quickly and weakly, or keep you alive and strong, fighting off disease and able to take care of yourself. What category do you fall into now? Which one will you fall into later?

These things should matter whether you are 15 or 85. What you put into your body today will give you the physical and mental energy for tomorrow. If you have a sedentary lifestyle or a lifestyle that only does cardio? You are in a state of muscular decline of about 5-10% per decade after 30 years of age,  UNLESS you are involved in a strength training program. We used to think that cardio alone was enough to keep our bodies strong. We now have enough date to back up the only way to a vital, long and strong life.  Strength training mixed with cardio, a nutrient dense diet, and good sleep.

 All of these things can be done at any age, at any level and any place. Limitations? I have many. Don’t use them as an excuse as to why you can’t do something that makes your body stronger. Dieting? Stop. The word diet means sacrifice. When you diet and cut calories all you are concerned with is what you are “not allowed” to eat. It is a negative existence. Eat for energy. Eat for strength so that you can put some muscle on your frame. That is how you will build a body that lasts.

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Aging. We all will age, these are the factors that will determine how you do it.

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