Aging with Strength, NOT Fear

Posted: September 14, 2011

Do you know that the surgeon general has estimated that close to 85% of our most horrible diseases could be prevented by implementing good dietary practices, and exercise?! It has also been noted, that older adults fear losing their independence, more than dying. These findings to me are not a surprise. What is a surprise is what I see around me. People my age, and younger, making horrible choices in their daily lives. Poor eating choices, with little or no exercise, and acting like they are in a “dress rehearsal” of life. This is it people! You only get one shot at this life!

If you decide to exercise, (and I hope you do!) you can see changes as you age in everything from your bones, muscles, cholesterol, blood pressure, and sex drive……..and you know what is crazy? These are the exact things that send us to the Dr.s office, when we have problems with them, AS we age! It is not the “normal” process of aging, but the normal process of the human body when faced with disuse,denial, and neglect!

The last I inquired, no-one said they want to end up with chronic “age-related” problems, weakness, and having someone take care of them, let alone a lengthy, if not permanent “stay” in a nursing home.
So what are you doing about your future? Are you planning on kicking age’s ass, or are you going to sit around and blame your future on your genes, your income, or your energy level?  You are living in the age of great exercise science finds, and discoveries! Between better ways to use your time in the gym with interval training, to great natural supplements that can aid in your recovery, you have a world of information out there to guide you into your long, fit, golden years.

Don’t let age be something you fear, or just “let happen”
Get out there and show it who’s in charge of your future, your body, and your mind, and Kick Age’s Ass!!

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