Aging with Strength while Losing Fat and Gaining Energy!

Posted: July 28, 2015

Hello Friends in Fitness,

It’s one thing to “think about” committing to health and to take a step here and there. However, it is another thing to really commit by putting the plan into action daily.

When you put your health, functional strength and anti-aging wellness plan into action daily, it is literally like putting money in the bank.

You don’t have to spend hours exercising or doing cardio either. That is the “old school” way of thinking and we now know that too much exercise can actually be bad for you. Too much increases cortisol levels actually making your body store fat. Too much exercise actually is bad on joints and is stressful on the body. Short bursts of intense exercise according to your level is the way to get fit, lose fat and get stronger.

If you are one of those people that is going to start eating healthy “on Monday” then it might not every really take place. When you start NOW by putting that soda or even worse, diet soda down, and replace all sugary drinks TODAY, that is putting a plan into action. Shopping for whole foods free from chemicals and toxins TODAY is putting your health plan into action. Getting your body moving and activating your muscles by challenging them TODAY is one of the best ways to lose fat and prepare your body for the future.

If you think it is “too expensive” to eat healthy? Take a look around you at the state of our nation’s health and wellness. Obese children, dollar menus, video games instead of time outdoors doing activities, TV as the place the family eats, the future looks like a lot of health care issues and disease. TODAY is the day to get your body moving and nurture yourself from the inside out.

I am a health and wellness coach that specializes in fat loss and functional strength. I coach women in our gym, and do guest speaking engagements on aging with strength, and eating a nutrient dense diet so that your body, your hormones and your mind remain strong and able to ward off disease. When you engage in regular exercise, you increase blood flow and lose body fat while putting on muscle.

Even if everyone in your family is obese and has heart disease and diabetes, we are now smart enough to know that we don’t have to follow that path. It is up to you to change that and prepare for the future “like putting money in the bank.”

You only get one body, one life and one chance to be the most vital that you can be, and it is YOUR choice. Put the commitment to your health into ACTION today.

If you are ready to lose the weight and get leaner and more energized than ever,

So that you can be on your way to a long and strong future while you lose weight and energize your life!!

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